Why Write For Us

Inspire Drug is an online community for people who looking for the solutions of their problems of daily life. We share the opportunity for those who willing to write their own words of experience, even bad experience, and stories. 

Our direction toward the future plans has tremendous effects on today, as well as, our effort and on you— if you willing to share own experience. 

What you'll Get

You want get paid for your experience, but of course, you will get the right stage where you can start your carrier in writing. 

Moreover, we are marketers, and understand the value of links. Besides the value, we will get back to you one DoFollow Backlink to your blog within the middle of content— It doesn’t mean at the beginning or at the end. 

  • 1 Do-follow Backlink in the middle of the Blog.
  • You won’t get Bio. 

What you have to share

Before the submission you’ve to check every single sentence and its grammar, and punctuation. It is necessary. Our editorial process is not strict enough, but it will be if your aim is to earn only backlinks. 

We Write for:

  • Motivation
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Business
  • Quotes
  • Phobias
  • Book summaries
  • Productivity 
  • Techniques to change our bad self.
  • Best of-  (relate to Books)
  • Meditation

You can share your own experience about the tactics you try to change your bad habits, bad self, mind, dreams, and many more. 

Guidelines to write

Here is guidelines you’ve to care before write.

  • Minimum 1700 words— depends on the targeted keyword.
  • Add Minimum 3 Links from Inspiredrug.com
  • Add 1 link from your website. 
  • Add keywords we will share with you in the conversation. 
  • Get prepared list of what you will learn in the beginning. 
  • Use the Bold and Italic sentence where it needed. 
  • Add Quotes if it needed.
  • Don’t add links of any products or promotional links. 

How to Submit

You should share three blog post ideas and quick points. We choose one best idea that you’ve to write.

Here is step-by-step procedure:

  • Send Us Three blog-post Ideas
  • We Pick the One Best Idea for you.
  • You have to write a blog-post according to Guidelines. 
  • Head back to us with your blog-post.
  • We will check every sentences through passing Hemingway, Grammarly , and our eyes. 
  • We Head back to you with mistakes— if it has, otherwise we’ll publish it in 3-4 days. 

Send Your Ideas Here: [email protected]