Best Effective Ways to read Books In 2020 [ Hacks ]

Best Effective Ways to read Books In 2020 [ Hacks ]

Last Updated on 6 months If you want to be an Extraordinary Person, Leader, Businessman or whatever your heart says, you Must read books. There are various ways to read books effectively and Faster and Also you can easily read and remember it. How ??

But first remember, Book is nothing but a structure like a building or Pyramid so you must first understand this structure then you are capable to remember it and also you can build your own (You can also write books).


There are 6 ways to read books effectively in 2020

Here list of this,

  1. Highlighting and Capture What You learn. [Basic to Read Effectively]
  2. Listen to books after Reading.
  3. Create a Structure of books.
  4. Write down “What is your favorite lines” in your favorite corners.
  5. Share what you Learn to others
  6. Set small goals for reading.

Let’s Nail down all of this,


1. Highlighting and Capture What you learn :

There are a lot of colors and I know one of those is your favorite one. Highlighting is the most common way to design books but remember there are a lot of colors so pick carefully. Don’t lose yourself to Picking the wrong color.  Why I afraid about you ?? The most common color of highlighting is yellow. But Choose your favorite color and use it everywhere where your heart says.

Three things that you should Highlight and Capture are,

  1. Best Lines and Quotes.
  2. What you should Apply on yourself.
  3. Concepts that you can’t understand.


“You Must aware of your time, Keep use it in the right way so you can run in the right way.”

Notice everything that you should learn or sometimes not.  Find Angles and Demons, Peaks and chasms from the books, note everything and help Book author to Write more effectively [If you want].

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2. Listen to books after Reading :

This is an accurate way to remember books. It is a basic principle in psychology that “You Least remember what you read but you accurately remember what you hear and watch”. So keep you it in our scenario. There a lot of ways to listen to books. So, let’s discuss it,

  1. Download Audiobooks if it is available.
  2. If you are an android user “Pocketbook reader” Download it.
  3. Listen to Podcasts.

So let’s dive each of them,

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1. Download Audiobooks if it is available:

You can easily download audiobooks in google but sometimes it’s very hard to find some books. Sometimes you need to buy audiobooks if is worth it.

Search in google as your normally search your queries like this [ “Books title + Audiobook + Free” ] This is the basic and most effective way to find books, sometimes. You can listen to various book summaries on youtube. There are various YouTubers that share some best books summaries, you can search this same queries on youtube.

Listening audio books is great way to remember books

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2. If you are an android user “Pocketbook reader” Download it:

This is the best application to read every format of the book and the most interesting part is you can listen to the audio of any book within this application. One small problem is, audio is so sharp so it hard to listen a long time, sometimes. But if you are listening in slow tunes than that is okay.

Download this application from here.  I am not a promoter of this application but I think this application so useful to learn and read accurately.

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3. Listen to Podcasts:

Listening podcasts is a great way to learn fast and accurate Because it captures less time than other’s way.  You can listen to podcasts from google podcasts, Spotify and a lot more resources.

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3. Create a Structure of books :

“Everything builds with structure.”


Noticing after 15-20 Books I found that there are most of them one common thing is structure.  All these books are built with one same structure. These are the best skills that ever have writers. Books are structured by three main things;

1. The core of the book

2. Conclusion of each chapter.

3. The new era of Book writing.

These all the core parts of the book structure you can learn more parts of structure when you really dive into reading books. Create a structure of book while you are reading books including all these parts that we derived above.

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4. Write down “What is your favorite lines” in your favorite corners :

Creating small notes and stick it on your favorite corners is a great way to remember lessons and most, when you create small notes on self-help books then results is enormous, you can’t imagine what will happen, your life will change from zero to one.

You can use various small blank papers to write your favorite lines about each chapter. As an example Yellow color paper to indicate most helpful lines, Pink color paper to indicate the most powerful lines etc…

Write your favorite lines from books at your favorite corners is great way to effective reading

It’s very small steps but the results are very big. It is similar to the 80/20 Principle.  

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5. Share what you Learn to others :

Wrapping a community on your favorite topics or in other words, creating your own community on your favorite topic and share “what you learn ” with those.  If you are reading buddy than share what you read today, share your favorite lines with those or If you are writing holic then share your writing with your friends or your community.

I think I don’t need to say about “How and where to create a community” because you are smart.


The key to Infinite growth is Sharing.

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6. Set small goals for reading :

Like setting goals in life, set goals for reading not for the whole book set it just for one chapter and repeat after it. Remember Going small is lead with extraordinary results.

Setting small goals to reading is best way to effective reading

I always try to keep my goal small in front of the reading. My highest goal of reading is to read 100 pages in one day. This is my highest goal of reading. As you keep it small you learn more. Setting goals depend on you and also types of books, Usually, I read self-help books so my goal is always similar to the above example. But if you are reading fiction novels or some comics then I suggest you read the whole book in one day.

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Infographic to read books effectively


Ways to read books effectively in 2020


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This all the hacks on reading, that help us to read more effectively. your most appropriate friend is your heart. Follow your instincts and Reach them.

“If you follow someone, You will just learn; If you follow your heart, You will grow”

Tell me your most favorite and life changeable book in the comment section. I am curious about your answer because I am evil in reading and writing.

Happy Reading !!

Rakshit Makvana

Rakshit Makvana is an Owner and CEO of the Inspire Drug, looking for the sunrise and sunset everyday.

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