How to convert to-do list into success list ??

How to convert to-do list into success list ??

Last Updated on 6 months Do you ever get yourself in a conflict of the to-do list? If yes, you are fortunate. Don’t be mad, I am not saying to-do list is worse but to-do list can’t help you.

I am always wondering, why people do unnecessary work more, and even at the first stage.

Successful people have the ability to limit their tasks. Because they know the difference between the success list and the to-do list.

Here, I am going to share with you the same trick that helps a lot.

Let’s get started…..


What is a to-do list ??

“A to-do list is a list of works you’ve to do till the end of the day. A to-do list that covers all the tasks of the day.”

Some morons, tend to think more briefly and add things like eating lunch, playing video games on the to-do list.

The to-do list made up of things like working on the first project for 2 hrs, going to meet new clients, playing golf with a new businessman, etc….


What is the success list ??

“The success list is a list of works that necessary to complete until the end of the day.”

Successful people use a success list rather than a task list. They add things that deserve. They know how they set their goal-setting-worksheet. They want giant, so that, they work on a giant.


The success list is made up of things that pass by the 80/20 principle and trick we are talking about here.



So, are you excited to loose unnecessary things?

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How to convert the to-do list into a success list ??

Here is a step-by-step procedure to follow…

  1. Build a normal to-do list — add all tasks you’ve to do all the day-time.
  2. Read your to-do list loudly.
  3. Ask one question: “What is the most important task I’ve to do first?”
  4. Find 3-5 tasks that worth to success-list.

These are the tasks, help you to achieve success easily. This can become the reason of your productivity and fortune.

Use this success-list to achieve success easily. If you’ve any queries related to any queries, don’t forget to ask in the comment section.

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