Stop Being Jealous: 10 Tricks & Techniques [Quick Tactics]

Stop Being Jealous: 10 Tricks & Techniques [Quick Tactics]

Last Updated on 5 months Jealousy has black power to destroy any strong relationship in quick seconds. That’s why we need to overcome jealousy as possible as the quickest way.

Some people think jealousy is a great way to show care and love in relationships. But jealousy makes your life so miserable and it creates a big deep mine of disappointment.

Jealousy comes up when you worrying about something that so important to you. You try to make things more vulnerable that so much important to you like your girlfriend or even your toneless things.

Here you’ll learn 10 techniques and tricks to overcome jealousy easily. It is easy to overcome jealousy easily if you follow the routine of process to overcome jealousy.


10 Tricks and tips to stop being jealous.

1. Consider the full picture.
2. See beautiful things in the worst scenario.
3. Appreciate yourself first rather than others.
4. Don’t let your past ruin your present.
5. Tell your partner about your trust and feelings.
6. Be yourself no matter how worst conditions are.
7. Own your jealousy.
8. Brings up self-awareness first.
9. Make some space between you and your jealousy.
10. Make yourself monk.

Before digging down into the trick and techniques, you have to understand the difference between jealousy and envy.

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Jealousy vs Envy

Let’s first define both.

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is the feeling of losing something that most important to you. You can also call it care of things but it is really jealousy.


  • He was jealous of her male friend.
  • She was jealous that her husband’s office was mainly women.


What is envy?

Envy is the feeling of wanting what someone else has.


  • I envy your ability to sing.
  • I envy your bright blue eyes.

So, what is the difference?

As we defined above, jealousy is the feeling of losing something that you have, whereas, envy is a feeling of wanting something that someone has possess.


  • He was jealous of her male friend’s body[Feeling of jealousy.]
  • I want the body the same as you have. [Feeling of envy]

You can see a clear picture of jealousy and envy. It has its own chaos that makes a big difference. Jealousy is about worry and envy is about desire.

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1. Consider the full picture.

Consider the full picture to overcome jealousy.
Consider the full picture.

Before taking any action on your jealous feelings, be realistic, and check what is right and what is wrong yourself. Sometimes, the worst thing happened when we take action without thinking.

When you thinking inwardly about the situation, you will find some points that help you to overcome your jealous feelings.
Ask yourself some pattern of questions:

  • Why I am feel jealous about the situation or person itself?
  • What are the main focal points that ignite jealous feelings?
  • How can I find sort ways that help me to get rid of jealous feelings?

These patterns of questions help you to find reasons, things, and solutions about your jealous feelings.

When you find some sort of answers, embrace these answers and you will find yourself away from jealous feelings.

But the problem is, it is temporary solution. We need permanent solution.

Everything must have a cause.

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2. Look out beautiful things in the worst scenario.

What happens when you see positive things in the worst scenario? You will find the best positive answer that actually made to help you.

When you find positive answers, your jealous feeling becomes your best way to approach others to you. You can make a big difference when two jealous people are conflict with each other, you will be the first one who able to see positive in that situation.

When your partner spends most of the time with his other male friend, it’s obvious to feel jealousy at some level but when you see positive things in it like she and he is the best friend of each other or he is related to her, you will break the pattern of jealousy easily.

The positive point of view changes everything.


3.Appreciate yourself first rather than others.

This is the world that has its own chaos that destroys everything if it wants. Be yourself first, when you feel jealousy, you must choose yourself first rather than others. (It’s your need.)

Be happy first and live like a happy wolf. Turn your wisdom into your internal happiness through being introvert. It is really easy to find inner-peace. Here is how.

Be yourself first to
change your internal world.

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4. Don’t let your past ruin your present.

Don't let past ruin your present.
Don’t ruin your past.

Keep your past balance and stay at the pace of peace, and you will find continuous happiness in the present.

Stir-up your self-love, move on toward your dream achieving direction rather than fighting with your past.

When you see your girlfriend or other people for whom you feel jealousy, tell yourself there is no room for these emotions. Re-awake yourself toward the right direction rather than the world of hell.

Stay your past at the pace of peace.

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5. Tell and show your opponent about your feelings and trust.

In this world, true love is a mirage of the desert. But if your luck wants to meet someone, they will. The most common thing is when you can’t trust your opponent, let them go. True love always thrives on the basis of trust.

Your love becomes infinite and your life becomes inexplicable. You feel what your opponent feels. You think like your opponent’s thinking.

Your jealous feelings destroy when you meet your opponent. But when your opponent spends more time with others rather than with you, you feel jealousy and it’s obvious. Let these feelings go.

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6. Be yourself no matter how worst conditions are.

Take care of yourself first no matter how worst situations are. You should elect yourself first. Remember, everything begins worse when you won’t elect yourself first.

You choose others rather than yourself. Let’s take one example, if you given chance to visit a foreign country, then you elect other first rather than yourself; it’s symptoms that indicate you are not aware of yourself and often end up guilty and jealous.

Take chances to improve yourself first. Pick the right food to improve your health. Turn your wisdom to your passion to earn money for yourself and your future. It doesn’t mean be selfish but it means to be yourself.

Be yourself.

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7. Own your jealousy.

own your jealousy.
Own your jealousy.

If you feel jealousy, accept it really and inwardly. Tell yourself, “Yes, I feel jealous. It’s because of…[Whatever reason is.]”

Remember, it is similar to breaking bad habits when you accept your bad habit, you can break it easily.

“When you own something, you can do anything to improve it or eliminate it.”

Tell yourself the truth and give yourself seed to grow a holy tree. Give yourself answers to resolve your jealousy.

Own your mistakes and feelings.

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8. Brings up self-awareness first.

Self-awareness can change your life. Aware of yourself when you begin to feel jealous and try to convince yourself to not go this road.

Tell yourself, this is not the right way to achieve something. Be aware, whatever you feel and conceals, tell it to yourself.

Brings up self-awareness.

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9. Give some space between you and your jealousy.

When you stop giving fuel to your jealousy, jealousy can’t expand with exponential growth. Take some rest or give yourself some space.

Take it easy. Make yourself a priority and keep yourself away from jealousy. It is better to stay in a black darkroom without thinking of any single thought. It is the best company ever.

Make some space.

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10. Make yourself monk.

Don’t be confused by reading the headline. Be monk doesn’t you need to be a real monk. Practice mindfulness daily;
meditation and aerobics is a great process to achieve peace of mind, and lastly, get rid of jealousy.

By practicing 10 to 20 minutes meditation or yoga helps you to awake yourself throughout the day.

There is no big deal with jealousy. Everyone feels it because everyone has a desire to achieve something that someone has already possessed.

If you want to be successful, you will pass by the path which contains jealousy. It means you need to deal with it. How do you deal with it, it decides your future. And the best answer is, be yourself.

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