Daily Life Problems: 6 Steps to Solve Problems.

Daily Life Problems: 6 Steps to Solve Problems.

Last Updated on 5 months What problems surrounded you? How they handle you? How you handle your problems? Is it a social problem? And questions are a lot.

Undeniably, everyone has life problems and always looking for solutions to the problems. Everyone is encased by life problems. But only those who know how to solve it, become successful.

Success always rests where solutions end up. Problem-solving skill is essential for living life successfully and happily.

Problems are everywhere from the workplace to the student life but here is the solution. There are 6 steps that help you to get rid of any problems of life. We also include some strategies that help you a lot including from RCA to Huddle.

Let’s get started…

1. Define the problem.

When you don’t know what is the real problem and keep trying to solve it, nothing big happens, just a waste of time. You should enlist various attributes of the problem including what, how, and when.

Remember, the first step to solve any problem is memorable because it is easy to accomplish. Here are the questions that direct you to define your problems.

  1. What is the real problem?
  2. Accept the problem.
  3. How did you discover the problem?
  4. When did the problem start and how long has this problem been going on?
  5. Is there enough data available about the problem?
Tip:- Write down all the questions’ answers in the blank paper. It helps you to prevent or eliminate your problems quickly.

Always remember, your purpose is to solve the problems. Don’t be over-smart, and that way, don’t create other problems in order to collect information about the real problem.

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2. Clarify the problem.

Clear the problem to solve it easily. || Daily life problems ||

When you are working with a group, and your role is the CEO or the manager of the company, you should clear your vision otherwise your company will perish.

Remember, fuzzy vision always misguides us that is why we need to clarify our problem as clearly it as to be.

There are some questions that might lead you to a clear place where you can solve your problems easily.

  1. What data is available or needed to clarify the problem?
  2. Is it a top priority to resolve the problem at this point in time?
  3. Are additional resources required to clarify the problem?

Make it clear as possible as you can because clear vision always leads to a beautiful place.

As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around. – Oprah Winfrey

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3. Define goals to solving problems.

Goals are similar to bait– it’s inexplicable. But in common sense realm, goals motivate us and help us to move forward.

Same as, when you setting goals to the problem, you will more likely to solve it easily because your goals are more powerful than the problem.

Here are simple questions that you should ask yourself when you find yourself surrounded by problems.

  1. What is your end goal or desired future state?
  2. What will you accomplish if you fix this problem?
  3. What is the desired timeline for solving this problem?
The finer the bait, the shorter the wait! – Frank Gorshin

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4. Identify the root cause of the problem.

It’s time to act. Let’s find the root cause of the problem easily. The ability to find the root cause of the problem is just like any other skill, which means it is learnable.

#Strategy – 1

There is one strategy that helps us to find the root cause of the problem known as RCA ( Root Cause Analysis ). It associated with 5 whys’ analysis, and cause and effect diagram to identify the origin of the problem in an easy way. By using this tactic, you will find these three things:

  1. What happened.
  2. Why it happened.
  3. The solution to the problem so it won’t happen again.

There is an example of the 5 whys’ analysis technique that starts with the questions that include “Why”.

Example to finding the root cause.

Problem:- Your company was unable to get the customer’s order to them on time.

Why ??

Because the equipment failed.

Why ??

Because the controller board burnt out.

Why ??

Because it overheated.

Why ??

Because the air filter was clogged.

Why ??

Root cause:- Air filter check is not on the maintenance schedule. 

Although this technique is known as “5 Whys'”, you may find that you will need to ask only 3 “Whys” or even 7 “Whys” before you find the core issue behind a problem. This technique is so helpful to you no matter where you are, who you are, and what position you possess. The second strategy only helps those who work in a group that contains more than 10 companions or for big companies.

#Strategy – 2

This strategy is known as a huddle. This strategy only helps those who are working in a group or in big companies because its core is discussion.

Just like football players on the field, a huddle is a short meeting with everyone standing in a circle.

A daily team huddle is a great way to ensure that team members are aware of changes to the schedule, any problems or safety issues are identified, and that team members are aware of how their work impacts one another.

“The ability to ask the right question is more than half the battle of finding the answer.”
— Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM

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5.Develop an action plan and execute it.

Taking actions toward the daily life problems is key to solve it.

Now, you have a root cause of the problem, it’s time to kill it nor from its body from spirit. Make a big list of actions that prevent or overcome the problem easily. If you don’t know what to do even you have a root cause then don’t worry, hire the talent or ask for help from someone.
Things you should consider in the action plan are:

  • List of actions that prevent the problem.
  • Make a timeline for each action.
  • Execute it.

It’s time to execute what you have collected. Execute the actions to prevent the problem or overcome them permanently.

When you know what causes behind this and how to kill it, your problem will fly away.

Helpful Article: Productive Scheduling :- An effective guide to Daily Planning.

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6. Learn from it and continuously improve it.

It’s time for celebrating and also learning from the problem. Remember, mistakes that every time happens, and are the same, it’s not the mistakes, but sins.

No matter what is your problem, it has the conclusion, and it’s compelling.

Life is a mystery of the problems, but when you solve problems, happiness thrives.

There are only two options 1. Live with problems 2. Solve the problems and move on.

There are only two options 1. Live with problems 2. Solve the problems and move on. Click To Tweet

What do you want to choose? I am a big fan of Second. Tell me what you want to be, a problem, or the problem-solver; in the comment section.

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