Side Hustle: 10+ Proven Best Ideas & How to Start.

Side Hustle: 10+ Proven Best Ideas & How to Start.

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“How do I start a side Hustle?” – the question people always ask when they start their career. Career to earn more money.

Side hustle helps to grow income exponentially and if side hustle is passive, it becomes a blessing for you. It can make yourself financially free.

A side hustle is not about to work hard. It is about to work smart. It is about to work on big in a small amount of time. It is about earning more while investing less. It is about financial freedom.

Those who find themselves in the debt, have a strong desire to do a side hustle to get back from debt. Students who working hard to get a good job, also willing to do a side hustle. People who really and personally know the story of the Rich dad – Poor dad are willing to push themselves ahead.

In short, Side Hustle is worth doing when you have a strong desire. It is not about to work hard or earn more, rather it is about to learn more, and lastly, financial freedom.

This is a big bible on a side hustle. It includes what is side hustle to how to do, 10+ proven side hustle ideas and how to get succeed on them, and why it is important to do side hustle.


What you’ll learn:

  1. What is Side Hustle or Side Gig?
  2. Why Side Hustle is important?
  3. What are the best Side Hustle Jobs?
  4. Side Hustle or Side Gig for introverts.
  5. Side Hustle for students.
  6. Side Hustle for developers. 
  7. Is Side Hustle worth it?
  8. Best Side Hustle for 2021.


What is Side Hustle or Side Gig?

Side Hustle is an effort to work hard from 10-14 hours a day to earn more money. It is the force that pushes our self to do more and earn more while investing less.

Confusing Point: Investing less means “in a short period of time— 5 to 10 years—earn more than we needed to survive for a whole life.”

Side Hustle is a small job for 2-3 hours while working with another primary job for 8 hours. Some hustlers work while managing their business.

Side Hustle is an art that draws and makes our self strong. Those who are workaholic can do it easily. Honestly, it is made for them. If you are able to do work 10-15 hours per day, then you are one of them.

In simple words, it is one type of small jobs that help you to earn more and learn more.

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Why Side Hustle is important?

What about your point of view? Is it a better idea to earn more if you are not capable to set up a big empire?

I think it is the best option for those who working in jobs and studying. It is helpful for students to know what is going on in the outside world.

Side Hustle can change your life if you use your caliber effectively. It is important to do side hustle because it helps you to break your limits, to gain more knowledge, to meet and create a network of people, to achieve financial freedom early, etc.

There, I can’t find any negative side. It is positive because it has not any negative effects.


What are the best side hustle jobs?

There is a list of various types of jobs, some pay more – some pay less, some seek more hard work – some seek less hard work, some are long – some are short.

There are jobs that include steps to succeed. Your ultimate goal in the job is to achieve qualitative knowledge.

1. Sell/Recycle your phones on Gazelle.

This is a helpful resource to earn money for those who geek of technology. Those who understand phones and their value.

I have checked this website including their reviews to their management. This screenshot includes what necessary while selling and buying from Gazelle.

Side Hustle or Side Gig on Gazelle
Side Hustle on Gazelle



There is one more sign of goodness. Here is a screenshot.

What is side Hustle? What are the best side hustles? How side hustle can change life?
Side Hustle on Gazelle



Gazelle is a reCommerse site established in 2007, and it is the fastest growing and trusted website to sell used electronics like mobile, tablets, and laptops.

You can easily sell your phones on Gazelle following these 4 steps.

  1. Answer a few questions about your device and its condition
  2. Gazelle will give you an instant offer
  3. Accept the offer, print a free mailing label and ship your device (if you’re selling a small electronic worth more than $30, Gazelle will send you a free box for shipping)
  4. Gazelle pays via your choice of check, PayPal, or Amazon electronic gift card.

It is worth to side hustle on Gazelle if your mind understands the pattern of selling and buying. Buy used phones from your neighbors or shops at the lowest cost and sell those phones on Gazelle at the highest cost. It is a simple game to play but hard to start.

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2. Rent your spare rooms on Airbnb

Airbnb is a growing company and has lots of competitors including OYO, etc.

You are free to set rules, prices, and what types of guests you want in Airbnb. Here, Airbnb, which helps to do a side hustle, provides their support in this screenshot.

Side Hustle on Air Bnb
Side gig on Airbnb

Also, you can host your room in 3 easy steps. Here, what you’ve to do to earn money on Airbnb.

Side Hustle on Airbnb
Side Hustle on Airbnb


Although, Airbnb is a growing community that has lots of negative reviews for the host. No doubts, there are positive reviews for guest.

We are here—Airbnb—to earn money and that’s why we have to focus on reviews for the host.

Side Hustle on Airbnb
Side Hustle on Airbnb


Here are positive reviews for guests.

Side Hustle on Airbnb
Side Hustle on Airbnb



It is better to be aware of laws and restrictions for guests. Getting down to reviews of Airbnb, you can easily find the worst reviews for guests.

Strictly, add restrictions for the guests and follow them. It is easy to find honest guests who won’t violate the rules.

Follow the simple set of rules to earn more from Airbnb:

  1. Create your listing.
  2. Be aware of timing.
  3. Find and learn the laws of your neighborhood.
  4. Set a price.
  5. And many more…

It is tough or maybe impossible to earn millions on Airbnb if you aren’t a real-estate focused man.


3. Be a Social Media Marketer for Small Businesses

This is not a big deal. It is okay if you are not a master. It is all about the posting and managing posts on social media— Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

If you are not familiar with social media, don’t worry, it is easy to learn in 2-5 days. You just have to handle the social media profile for small businesses. You have to share up to date information about the business on social media.

Just find the small businesses around you, offer them your proposal, and ready to go.


First, build a strong personal profile. Prove your work on your personal account and add it to your portfolio. Learn new marketing strategies and tactics like Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization.

Use more technical words when you are facing business owners. Use those words are difficult to understand. It helps you to deceive owners if you are not master social media. Gather more small business and get prepared a team that works for you.

Expand your services and convert it to business, which can make millions for you.

Tip: This type of side hustle can be converted into passive income easily. 


4. Answer questions on JustAnswer.

This might help if you are a learner or expert in the field of the questions. This website only wants professional answers, and if you want to earn from this, you have to answer professionally.

It’s easy to start earning if you have professional wisdom.

According to JustAnswer, it’s easy to start earning with answering the questions.

Side Hustle on Justanswer
Side Hustle on Justanswer


Here is a screenshot of the question and their answer.

Side Hustle on Justanswer
Side Hustle on Justanswer




There are various pros and cons. Here is a screenshot:

Side Hustle on Justanswer
Side Hustle on JustAnswer

Other Reviews:

Side Hustle on Justanswer
Side Hustle on Justanswer



JustAnswer seeks professional answers and its better to answer professionally. You can earn cash easily on JustAnswer answering the questions of curious people. You can earn more money by expanding your skills and expertise, which needs only two things: Internet Connection and Smartphone or P.C.

The way payment works here is that you get paid when someone asks a question and picks your answer as helpful, you’ll get paid.

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5. What About the Freelancing: Fiverr

Anyone can earn money from Fiverr. Some old sellers of Fiverr earn up to six figures but it needs to give value. You’ve to build strong profile on it to earn millions.

You have to sell anything below the average selling price.

This is in case of special search, I found the various logo designing services who know how to draw logos and earn from them.

Side Hustle on Fiverr

Here is in the screenshot you can find the simple way to earn money from the Fiverr.

Side Hustle on Fiverr
Side Hustle on Fiverr



There are plenty of bad reviews about the Fiverr from the customer side. You don’t have to be the bully like all other freelancers. They are not freelancers rather scammers.

Side Hustle on Fiverr
Side Hustle on Fiverr

If you’ve long term vision and agreed to work honestly, then and then, please go and work, otherwise, there are plenty of other side hustles.



Fiverr isn’t too competitive if you follow the right rules. There is a total of 5 successful gigger of Fiverr who aggregated to share their valuable tips.

Their advice working for all of those who follow them strictly. Find those tasks which won’t easily get completed, make them a priority, and create your service to get completed them at a high cost even if you are not an expert on those skills. Here, it’s easy to follow advice.

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6. Teaching on SKYPE

Do you have a strong internet connection?
Do you have a clean & lit space where you can teach your skills?
Do you have a compatible laptop and their accessories i.e. microphone?

If your answer is YES, then this side hustle is for you. On Skype, an average of ₤25 per hour you can get easily. It easy to start on Skype.

Microsoft has provided lots of opportunities to earn from skype. You have to check out this page if you interested in Side Hustle or Side Gig with Skype.


Skype is created by Microsoft, a leading company, has made it easy to earn money through video calling. Skype is easy to use. Anyone can use it. You can find people interesting to learn online on skype on their website. It is an easy and right way to start building the audience.


7. Start a blog.

It’s easy to succeed in blogging at the age of our childhood. Now, it’s tough to win in google. If you have to start out the hustle with this, you have to learn additional things like SEO, SMO, Email Marketing, and a lot more.

But the point is, it is a source of passive income. The money you get from this is a source of passive income. You’ve to put your whole effort for 1-2 year and the results help you to earn while investing little or null effort.

You can start a blog on WordPress. It is easy to start blogging with WordPress. You need one strong idea with low competition, and dedication to provide quality to earn passive income.

While reading this article and surfing this website—, you might get triggered that it is a blog we are talking about.


There are plenty of blogs talking about online blogging on WordPress and blogger. Type “how to start online blogging?” and hit enter on google and you can find the ocean of search results.

You have to learn SEO with blogging if you are interested. Intenet is a resource of information no matter what your mind asks; there are lots of competitors. So, it’s better to learn marketing with blogging.

This blog is better to start a blogging journey

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8. Online Courses.

Udemy is the king of online courses nowadays. You don’t need to compete with it, you have to use it to earn money. There is one another platform to create and sell online courses known as Teachable.

There are plenty of positive and negative reviews— depending on courses. Some who have patient works and earn well, while others were getting upset.


Udemy has more than 25,000 courses and it’s better to understand how to get succeed before really get started. Creating better and quality content than the rest of all to make them happy is the better way to get success easily.

According to the Udemy, the 4 parameters, which makes the big difference, are needed to be counted while creating a course.

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9. Write an ebook.

If you are a voracious reader, no doubts you will become a successful writer if you want. You can write your own ebook no matter what category is and published it into amazon.

If your writing is very well, it might become a best seller and you earn more than you think. But the mind of a writer is not just enough. You have to learn things related to online marketing.

If you want to earn from the ebook, you have to sharing and marketing it as possible as you can. There are lots of books in amazon won’t get views.


10. Produce an Audiobook.

If your voice is beautiful and has the ability to teach someone, this might be the perfect side hustle for you. There is one service ACX that provides a platform for the author, narrator, agents, and many more.

There is a simple procedure to earn money— find the author who wants to narrate his book, send your proposal, if it accepted start recording, get paid, and come back to earn more.


It doesn’t matter it is big means it is good. There are numerous bad reviews about the ACX from the authors. These bad reviews can change the name in one night or erase it.

But when you working honestly and be aware of what is going on outside, you won’t get trapped.

Here are the reviews:

Side Hustle on ACX
Side Hustle on ACX
Side Hustle on ACX
Side Hustle on ACX



Storytelling in audio format using various VFX effects can make your audiobook bestseller. Add various markup in your audiobook, in SEO language it is called markup data. It helps your audiobook to get rank on google.


11. Sell technical help on Upwork.

It is a platform for all people from graphic designer to accountants. You can hire people or you can work for others on Upwork easily.

Upwork has one problem is competition. You have to be patient while working on it. It needs long time— depends on what you deliver.

Side Hustle on Upwork.
Side gig on Upwork.

Below the screenshot shows the jobs of a specific category— it is about writing. You can apply for freelancing in it. You make millions taking baby steps.

Side Hustle on Upwork
Side Hustle on Upwork

First, you get paid less than what the customer said. Second, you deliver quality. Third, you build loyalty. Fourth, you get more than what the customer said.

It is tough to find the first job.


There are, in total, 17 tips that teach us how to get succeed on Upwork.

These tips are:

  1. Understand your jobs.
  2. Check your availability.
  3. Make it clear why you’re the right fit
  4. Screen your client
  5. Manage your project
  6. And many more…

This side hustle makes you thirsty physically and mentally, in the end, it returns in forms of qualitative income.

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12. Get paid on your feedback in

Respondent is a service that helps the researcher to meet the right people for research, and it gives us an opportunity to earn if we best fit the research.

Respondent is similar to other sites like User Interviews, Fieldwork, and, but respondent is legit.

It’s worth to invest time.

There is a big blog by the Side Hustle Nation includes the goodness of the Respondent.


13. Affiliate Marketing.

It is just as simple as posting posts on social media. You’ve to refer the website or products to someone who willing to buy it.

Get paid commission while the person buys things you’ve refereed. The big giant of affiliate marketing is Amazon and it is good to go with it.

Affiliate marketing has the ability to earn enormous money if you invest your time and strength daily. It is too competitive but if you practice and put it daily, you will get succeed

Here is 3 step procedure to earn from the amazon.

Side Hustle on Amazon affiliates
Side Hustle on Amazon affiliates


One disadvantage of amazon affiliate is its commission rate less than the rest of all affiliate programs.

Side Hustle on Amazon affiliates
Side Hustle on Amazon affiliates

There are other affiliates site help us. Here is list of affiliate websites:

  1. Hubspot
  2. Aweber
  3. Sendinblue
  4. Convertkit
  5. Leadpages
  6. And many more.


Side Hustle for introverts?

Introverts are shy people and afraid of taking side hustle like paid on feedback, riding cars, delivering foods and, many more.

Introverts who hate people and obsessed to cut phone calls and spending time alone.

Here is a list of job suits to introverts:

1. Side Gig for who hate people but love animals.

There is a website like that helps you to earn some money for playing with dogs or other pets— depends on requirements.

Most pet sitters charge between $19 to $50 per night. The rates can fluctuate depending on where you live.

Side gig on Rover
Side gig on Rover

Rover made it easy to find the dog walkers. It gives you an opportunity to earn $1000 month.


2. Proofreading

Introverts love to sit alone for a long time and that makes them different from the rest of all. Their hobbies are different from others.

They like writing, singing, reading, drawing, and many more skills. Introverts can become an artist easily.

Proofreading is one of those introverts’ side hustles pays you the money you want and the fun. Click To Tweet

You can share your proofreading service on Upwork, Fiverr, and, Payperhour. If you don’t have the skill of proofreading, don’t worry its easy to conquer.

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3. Writing an ebook.

A lot of talks were going on for the ebook in our previous section. We talk about the amazon kindle and their cons and pros.

This might be the best fit for the introverts who willing and passionate about writing. Marketing is one more skill you needed if you decide to write an ebook.

Introverts can perform online marketing easily and the best way.


Side Hustle for students?

Why not side hustle for students! Students— no matter the first bencher or last bencher— can earn side income easily.

Students become the businessman if they understand how money works in the college/school days. There is a list of side gig/ side hustles for the students.

1. Youtube.

This might be too competitive and won’t get paid you in a short time. It takes long and needs hard work. But this can be the source of passive income.

In today’s time, memes, comedy, entertainment, mobile reviews, new games like pubg, online gaming, storytelling are the best ways to enter in the youtube.

Those ways are too competitive but quality always wins. If you find and serve quality, returns might be compelling.


2. Udemy

Students know what is easy to learn and what isn’t. In this side hustle, you don’t have to be a professional teacher or making lucrative courses.

Share your knowledge or what you learn from school/college. Make the course of what you learn and print it down to the course and share it to someone who looking for it.

It is a win-win situation: you revise what you learn and someone learns what he/she desired. Click To Tweet

You can teach junior students by making separate classrooms for $5 to $10— whatever it is—per hour. Teach them what you already master. I know it’s easy to say but hard to do.

But it is possible to do it. It depends on your relations with juniors.

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3. Get a part-time job.

If you are studying mechanical engineering, find the company working with mechanical engineers and willing to hire someone for a part-time.

Find the small companies working on small machinery, gas tanks, CNC or Lathe machine, Autocad, etc, send them your resume and request them to work with them part-time.

It’s a pleasure for them to hire someone who wants learning and earning from the age of students’ life. Small companies appreciate your proposal.

You can also work on the jobs you are passionate about. If you passionate about photography, you can work with the studio part-time. If you are passionate about computers, find one course and learn it completely and send your resume to the nearby company.

Start to build a portfolio of your part-time jobs, it helps you to get high paying jobs from the campus interview.


Side Hustle for developers?

If you are a developer, this world is a blessing for you. You know and understand how the internet and websites are working.

Here, the developer means website designers, Android/IOS developer, Game Developer, API Developer, Software Developer, and many more.

Developers and students are those human beings who always need a side hustle. Not because they want to earn, rather they have various skills that paid them.

1. Be an online/offline website designer.

If you know Html, CSS, PHP and Javascript, and even bootstrap very well, this is for you.

Lookout around you, find the big shops you think they need a website, send them a proposal for making a website at a low cost. Tell them the advantages of a website if they have. How the website makes a big difference between them and their competitors.

You can start it easily. Make the presentation about the difference between two business: one has a website and others hasn’t. Show the presentation and share this opportunity with the business owners.


2. Freelancing

We have talked about it a lot. You can sign up on Upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, etc. Place your bids on the projects of the prospects.

Write down the strong bid that wins the project. Win the project and returns the quality to the business owners and build a strong relationship.

Freelancing is a great way to earn money if you build a strong and long term relationship.


Is side hustle worth it?

How do you define the side hustle? Is it helpful for you? Answers vary. If you have a god gift side hustle won’t helpful.

There are various pros and cons of the side hustle or side gig. It depends on you and your situation. I can only see the positive side of the side hustle. But there are also negative sides.


  • A Side Hustle Can Actually Benefit Your Day Job
  • You Have The Ability To Make A Real Difference
  • You Can Earn A Decent Bit Of Money


  • The lack of self-care.
  • It’s Hard To Work Out What You’re Worth
  • Not Everything Is Worth Your While.

What do you think about the pros and cons of Side Hustle? If the Pros are very valuable to you, how do you manage the cons of a side hustle?


Best Side Hustle for 2021?

Why not about 2021! What are the best side hustles for 2021?

Here is a list of side hustle, you may work on 2021.

1. Working as a website designer online or offline.
2. Cab Driver.
3. Online Courses.
4. Video editing services.
5. Photography Services.
6. Online teaching through video calling.
7. Working part-time in big and small companies.
8. Cooking like a chef.
9. Graphic designing.

Side Hustle or Side Gig is different from a different point of view. Its goodness will change if the type of side hustle changed. If you find good writing an ebook as a side hustle, it might be difficult to accept cooking as a side hustle.

Side Hustle is very helpful and needed to earn money at a younger age. It helps to understand the power of money and how money works.

Do you agree with me?

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