Self-Discipline :— 7 Potent Steps to Master Self-Discipline.

Self-Discipline :— 7 Potent Steps to Master Self-Discipline.

Last Updated on 4 months You can build self-discipline easily. It is learnable. People think self-discipline is not learnable but they are wrong. Self-discipline is a habit. In simple terms, self-discipline is the source of habit.

You can build self-discipline by repetitions of actions. As all people assert habit takes 21 days but in the real world, it is a myth. Self-discipline or whatever you want habit takes 66 days. It’s scientifically proven.

Self-discipline doesn’t mean you can change your present and future by doing whatever you want. This is the world created by God. Its nature is time. You can’t change whatever already written. You just adjust your life and time.

Don’t be upset. Self-discipline is in our hands. You can manage your self-discipline. Time isn’t in our hands. You can’t change the future and present nor the past, you just change yourself to do whatever you really want.

You can practice self-discipline, things you really desire for. Here are the 7 potent steps to build Self-discipline. Our ways are different from the rest of all blogs because we are different from others that way steps to build self-discipline are more accurate.


Step #1. You’ve to understand “Comfort Zone vs Comfort Zone”

It is not the right time to confuse. Let me explain what does mean of the heading. There are two types of the comfort zone: One in which you grow and the second in which you fall.

The most common comfort zone is the area where you familiar and feel safe. It is a zone of comfort where you aren’t growing. You won’t put effort to take risks.

The second comfort zone is the area where you aren’t familiar and take risks to be familiar. In simple terms, it’s the zone to grow.

To better understand both zones, let me give you two examples. You are at home sleeping on the bed and think about your ex. It is the zone where you feel comfortable. It is our first comfort zone most of the know.

You are at other peoples’ homes. You might feel silly or some feel shy but you put effort to be familiar with those guys. You take risks to grow.

Let me give you a second example, you are afraid to wear a cap in the bus but once your friend forced you to travel with a cap. You follow his advice and take the risk to be familiar with the cap on the bus. You take risks to familiar with the bus. You have grown.

Now, you ask me what it relevant to self-discipline. If you are a traveler and blogger. You blog daily, for you, it takes effort and you want to build self-discipline for blogging but you are also a traveler. You travel the world, you meet new people where you stay with them.

If your self-discipline is shattered in front of those new guys then how you can write blogs and earn money. You have to be familiar with those new guys first, then, you able to write your blogs daily with them.

You’ve to comfort with new people, situations, rooms, areas, or whatever you might consider. You’ve to feel familiar.

What I’ve to do: Take big care of second type of Comfort zone.

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Step #2. Prepare your calendar and alarms.

It’s time to set the right weapon at the right place in the arsenal. Set your schedule and tasks at the right time.

As we’ll know, self-discipline is the source of habit. It means it takes repetitions of right actions, so that, you’ve to fulfill your days with their right duties.

You’ve to add tasks. You’ve to set a big plan of action. If you are not familiar with how to make a big plan of action then read this goal-setting guide. It really helps you.

Remember, make your plan written. Don’t make it visual or verbal. Write it down on the blank paper. It’s necessary.

Now the question is, how do you use the schedule to build self-discipline?

When you make a plan for something, it gives you direction to achieve what you desire. When you really want to build self-discipline and achieve your dreams, you have to use the plan. It works as a sense of urgency.

What I’ve to do: Prepare yourself to kill obstacles.

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Step #3. Try to make it a habit.

As I already said, self-discipline is a habit so you’d to repeat until it becomes a habit. But do you notice why I said: “try”?

In the introduction, I added we are human and God is the creator of the world, thus, you can’t change the present, future not the past. You have to take yourself up to date. You have to be prepared for any situation.

Some goals are very bigger and take different fields to make goals real. If it takes different fields, you have to adjust yourself as well as your self-discipline toward the situations/fields.

I am sure, some people think self-discipline is universal. You’ve to once build self-discipline for any goals. But it wrong. Self-discipline takes different efforts to different goals. You have to choose a goal and its self-discipline as well as its routine.

You might consider the practice of yoga daily early morning as self-discipline if you’re learner or beginner. When you are master at yoga, I’m sure, your self-discipline converted into the habit. You won’t longer remember self-discipline.

You can make anything habit just inverse breaking bad habit guide. You’ve to follow the same procedure of breaking a bad habit.

What I’ve to do: If you think it is hard make it habit.

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Step #4. Take it seriously when it needed.

I already mentioned, if you really want to achieve your dreams, make it self-discipline first. You’ve to add some gap between yourself and self-discipline.

What do I mean when I said: “make a gap between yourself and self-discipline”? Everyone heard things like, “be yourself” or “love yourself”

I am always a strong believer in love yourself first but when it comes to taking self-discipline, you’ve to add some gap between yourself and self-discipline. You’ve to do your work no matter how rough yourself is. You’ve to play a tough race when it comes to yourself.

You’ve to fight yourself. And it is obvious if you choose what you really want and make it self-discipline, you don’t’ have to fight with yourself.

What I’ve to do: Sometimes, you’ve to be more serious.

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Step #5. Be comfortable with self-discipline.

We already found the difference between comfort zones. It’s time to be comfortable with self-discipline.

It is common-sense when something begins to habit, it is comfortable. But what happens if self-discipline won’t be a habit? How do you get comfortable with self-discipline?

You’ve to find peace in things you working on. You’ve to go with the flow of work. You’ve to love your work as well as it’s the schedule. You’ve to be serious about your work first when someone is calling.

You’ve to choose to work first because you love it, you might consider it first.

Really? I don’t have to make self-discipline when I find work is fun. When you fall in love with work, you don’t need self-discipline longer.

People who are artists or are who fall in love with work, more probably, achieve their goals more smoothly.

What I’ve to do: Be familiar with self-discipline.

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Step #6. Give yourself a reward.

Answer me! When you rewarded someone, what happens in that person’s behavior? Most answers are, they put more effort to get reward big, or, they show gratitude and enjoy the process.

What if yourself rewarded? The answer is,” It shows gratitude and put more efforts to achieve goals.”

What are the rewards do you think effective? A long break? or Play short video game? The answer is, “It depends.”

If you take disciplined yourself 12-14 hours a day, you might need some big rewards like less than two weeks vacation, or whatever you really like.

It totally depends on you and your schedule. If your goal is very big and it might take a big effort to discipline yourself, you need big.

It depends on you.

What I’ve to do: Get yourself rewarded when it needed.

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Step #7. Visualize your big goal daily.

Visualization has the power to change the internal world, and if your internal world changed you can change the outer world easily.

If you want to make yourself disciplined, you’ve to visualize your goals on a daily basis. You’ve to dream of goals.

If you really want to understand the power of visualization takes a small task first. An example, if you want to make coffee rather than a cup of tea the next morning. Visualize yourself as making coffee in your kitchen. Visualize yourself to sucking coffee

You automatically are driven to make coffee rather than tea the next morning. If you’re really confusing, try it first.

Visualization has the power to change your life. It can break your bad habit. It can create a new good habit. It can help you to get rid of laziness as well as it can build strong confidence.

What I’ve to do: Visualization is a key to success.

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Conclusion:- Self-discipline is a choice.

Self-discipline is a choice. Those who find happiness and flow in the work seldom needed self-discipline. If you’re a worker or needed skills that you don’t like, you most needed self-discipline.

Just remember, self-discipline is choice and self-discipline is the source of habit — it’s really a habit. Click To Tweet

What do you think, “Is self-discipline your choice?”

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