Productive Scheduling :- An effective guide to Daily Planning.

Productive Scheduling :- An effective guide to Daily Planning.

Last Updated on 6 months Daily planning or scheduling is not just an effective way to be productive but it can help to manage your life and distracting elements like a distraction, worry, anxiety, laziness and etc… If you schedule your day with productive stages, will become your most effective usage of time.

Today is the world, where time is money. It doesn’t matter when you head up at your office and when you head back to your home. The matter is the time — is it your time scheduling effective?

Let’s get back to our topic — how to schedule our day in an effective manner. Here are the best 11 ways to set your time with effective stages that way you become the master of your time.


The importance of Scheduling / Daily plan.

What do you think, what is the role of scheduling in your life? Is it really necessary? Some people think, yes it’s necessary because it decides how we spend our time. Yes, they are right but the answer is half wrong.

The importance of scheduling is very compelling in our life. It just not decides how we spend our time, it helps us to understand our thinking about time. How we think about time.

Here is the unordered list of benefits of scheduling.

  • Scheduling gives us direction.
  • Scheduling helps us to utilize our time more effectively.
  • It helps you to kill some unnecessary tasks.
  • Scheduling helps us to understand what we can control and not.
  • Scheduling creates life-balance.
  • Scheduling gives us enough time to play and stay with family and kids.

Time is our past, present, and future. You can’t but your time. You just feel it and manage it. As I said, it gives us the direction that way we achieve our daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

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How to Schedule your day-time?

How to Schedule a Day?

So, it’s time to learn what most important. How do you actually scale down your time and schedule it just like millionaire’s do?

Here are the 11 steps that you have to follow to create a manageable and more effective schedule.

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1. Take blank paper and write down your current situation.

You know already if you know us, we are different from others and that’s why we create different and more effective articles than the rest of all. So, that way our this first step is different from others.

Take a blank paper. Draw one column middle of the paper. On the left side write down tasks that you do right now including your job, goals, relationship, etc.

Write down activities, take time much more.

On the right side, write down the completion time of each task. Be honest with yourself, write down the correct time.

What you did:- You wrote what you do right now with their dedicated time.

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2. Fetch down your task and create your day-schedule.

It’s time to write down the task with its time-duration. If you are a job-worker than the first step isn’t for you.

If you are a job worker then it’s your first priority because it takes most of the time. Write down the job at the left side and write down the time duration— whatever it is— on the right side.

If you are not a job worker than write down things that most use your time. Write down the task left side and time on the right side. Don’t look at the priority, we’ll arrange it.

What you did:- You listed the tasks with its time duration.

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3. Get important tasks at the top.

It’s time to set priorities. Did you read our article about goal-setting before? If no, here is a link. It is article helps you to understand the importance of goal-setting and how to set them.

No matter who you are— if you employee or employer and moreover, student. Everyone has dreams and goals. Those are the most important to you, doesn’t matter if you are a job worker.

Your dreams are just wished if you don’t convert them into goals. In the goal-setting blog, you’ll learn better how to convert your dreams into goals.

Without any jargon, let’s go ahead. Write down your goals first in the blank paper on the left side and time on the right side.

It time to set your everyday activity. Write down your job and it’s time if you are a job worker. Write down your homework or other tasks with its time if you are a student.

Don’t be confused, we’ll deep down into the example that I created at last.

Take your time to write your priorities. Keep yourself awake. It’s important, your second task can donate some of the results to the first task.
Means, If you first task— your goal— is to become a teacher then write down the second task that related to teaching like reading, writing, or explaining.

Your second task can contribute some part to the first task. It’s necessary. That way you can achieve efficiency and productivity, and the most important satisfaction.

Remember, don’t make a big to-do list or tasks that you have to do at the end of the day. In contrast, filter your tasks and add them to the success list if it is necessary. The success list is the list of tasks that is most important to you.

Write down the tasks that are most important to you. Don’t make yourself fool by writing some tasks like playing video games or chatting with G.F.

Don’t make a mistake by not adding your sleeping time. It is necessary.

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4. Break down the big tasks and add some value.

If you follow the goal-setting article, you already break your goals into small pieces. It time to add some value in every task.

It doesn’t matter how long your task is, add extra time between two overlapping times. Add an extra 5 to 10 minutes between two tasks. That way, your mind regains its energy.

By adding some extra spaces between tasks, you totally cover anxiety, laziness, and other mental illnesses.


5. Review your Task list with its proper scheduling.

Get your sight down, analyze your task list. Ask yourself questions:

1. What lacks in it?
2. What if I remove this task?
3. Is it my most important task top?
4. Why my first task is most important?

The last question is the most important. It defines reasons for your goals. It makes yourself true to your goals.

If there are some extra tasks, add them wisely. Don’t be confuse. It is totally okay if the task mislead. You’ll understand your task list better when you apply it.

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6. Embed your task list in Google Calendar.

This stage is actually not important but every use of this software so I think to add it in.

Your everyday tasks that are constant. Don’t add them daily, add them together. The daily goal that you write daily, add them daily.

I have my own list not list just one task in a google calendar. Here is a screenshot.


What if I don’t schedule my day-time?

What do you think? We are all human, some people choose freedom over the schedule, and some people choose disciplined life by making a schedule of their time.

There are more disadvantages if you don’t create a schedule but if you are able to manage your time wisely without making a schedule then it’s good to deal.

There are some disadvantages listed below.

  1. You can’t complete your work with a deadline.
  2. Sometimes, you want to do something but you can’t find anything to do. It might be complicated but it happened sometimes.
  3. It controls freedom over the fear but in most cases, it becomes fear over freedom. It’s because the delay line is nearer than your phone itself.
  4. People fight with their time.
  5. Partially manage important things.

But once again, it’s upon you. What you choose. It is not important to create a schedule daily. It is necessary to create a schedule when you working for more important goals.

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Example of daily scheduling?

I am not a big fan of scheduling or a daily plan that is why I created a fictional example. Let’s right dive in it.

The boy known as Raj has a life goal of traveling the world. It is only one goal that relates to his life. Moreover, he is a job person. He worked in the company where his job schedule overall for 8 hrs.

Let’s apply the first step to it.

Step #1

How to schedule our time? day planning
Step #1 — How to do scheduling time (Day Planning)

You can see the tasks in the wrong place. And more, time to do tasks is more than normal hours.

This is our step so it looks weird.

Step #2

What Is day planning? How to do scheduling?
Step #2 — How to do scheduling time (Day Planning)

As you can see, I listed the task with its time duration. Remember, it is the step to find what takes long hours.

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Step #3

What Is day planning? How to do scheduling?
Step #3 — How to do scheduling time (Day Planning)

It’s time to set priorities. In the above image, you can see I remove the unnecessary tasks and listed above the most important task.

An important thing is every single task contributes to its upper task. The first task is the dream and the second task is a job. Job gives some sort of money that helps you to build a business or buy assets to travel the world.

The third task is to travel the job place to home. It contributes to the second task. Let’s talk about step five. It contributes to his dream. Writing a daily blog that is a second job for Raj because it creates side passive income.

If you’re confusing let me know in the comment section.

Once again, It isn’t necessary to schedule a time if you control your time. If you have desire and passion for your work, I bet you are the man who doesn’t need any task or success list.

It’s easy to schedule our time by forcing tasks to its priority. Let me know if you think, it’s hard to schedule time.

Daily planning is necessary when you aren’t passionate about your work. It needs when you are doing jobs. Let me know if you agree with me in the comment section.

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