Myths on Kaizen Way [Small step can Change your life]

Myths on Kaizen Way [Small step can Change your life]

Last Updated on 6 months Why every new year’s Resolutions fail ?? Because they don’t know what does mean of Kaizen way. They don’t know what is the tremendous power of small steps.  “What will happen If we take small steps ??” they confused.  As I first read this book [The Kaizen way by ROBERT MAURER] I thought Is it really happen ?? And then I played it with one small experiment and the results were enormous. It really worked and most of the resolutions are going to the hell after 2-3 Weeks of the day of Made decisions. It because they don’t eliminate some myths about kaizen from their mind.

So Today we nail down Some myths about kaizen,

Myths on the Kaizen way

  1. Change is Hard.
  2. The Size of the Step Determines the Size of the Result.
  3. Kaizen Is Slow.

So let’s Dive in,


1. Change is Hard :

This is the myth of morons because they don’t know what is the real meaning of this. Here, the real meaning of this myth is If your Goal or Habit is big or hard then you must take small steps with the proper timetable that will help you to take steps.


Change is hard. This is the most common myth that people have.


Let’s take an example of this If you are paralyzed by the backbone problem and the reason for this problem is a long time sitting in the same place like in your office or at your working place etc.. Solutions of this problem is taking a small walk at every short time. Here is a key point is taking a small walk. It is the solution to your problem and the solution to this myth.

Eliminate this myth right now from your mind because it just inborn miss conceptions about your goals and discourage you to achieve it.

“We are not helpless. We all have the ability to make this world a better place. We can start with small steps, one day at a time.” ― Wayne Gerard Trotman

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2. The Size of the Step Determines the Size of the Result :

Have you heard the 80/20 principle Ever before? This is a big part of this myth. Some people always emphasized this myth because they don’t know what is the difference between quality and quantity.

As this is the study shows in kaizen way book, While more exercise is better than less, small make a difference. A Taiwanese study of 416,000 adults found that those who exercised 15 minutes a day lived three years longer than those who exercised less. And those 15 minutes do not have to be done all at once! Exercising for 3 minutes at a time, adding up to 15 minutes or more, can have clear and dramatic health benefits. And these strategies don’t require huge expenditures of time, energy, willpower, and discipline.

Here the simple conclusion is, It doesn’t matter how big your step, It is a matter of quality or Sometimes it matters of small steps.

Going Small is Big secret to the success of Big companies. 

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3. Kaizen Is Slow :

Is it real ?? No, I don’t think because kaizen helps us to build strong habits and We know, Habit is life long. In the kaizen way book, Auther gives us one of the best automobile company’s example called Toyota. Toyota is one of the best examples of the kaizen way because they always use this principle from their birth to their elder age.


Kaizen way takes time


“We make so many cars in so many different places with so many people. Our greatest fear is that as we keep growing, our ability to maintain the discipline of kaizen will be lost.”
—Teruo Suzuki General Manager, Human Resources [From this book]


Kaizen way is all about the steps that we take to overcome problems. Your steps decide your success. This not an only myths that we have but this is the miss conceptions about kaizen way that we need to eliminate right now.  Is this your myths about Kaizen way ?? Tell me in the comments below, you can find more about Kaizen way here.


Happy reading !!

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