77 Making Money Quotes :— Motivational Sayings to Earn Millions.

77 Making Money Quotes :— Motivational Sayings to Earn Millions.

Last Updated on 6 months The world’s greatest teachers were boiled down their wisdom into the blank pages as a quote — Motivational quotes or sayings known as today. Making money quotes and sayings are more helpful for those who really want to make money.

Money quotes and motivational quotes or whatever you say, are the same. In reality, if you want to make more money, you have to have strong financial knowledge like Robert Kiyosaki says in Rich Dad Poor Dad.

But one thing common in any profession, taking action. But when you are really overwhelmed and demotivated, by the situation, where motivational quotes help you so a lot. If you combine your goal setting worksheet with these making money motivational quotes, you’ll be unstoppable.

Here are the best 77 Motivational Making Money Quotes.

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77 Motivational Making Money Quotes.

  1. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.
  2. Don’t waste time on things you can’t change.
  3. When you deal with the opinionated or egotistical, always give credit where it isn’t due.
  4. Business deals start and end with people – the interaction of flesh and blood, bone and sinew, heart and mind, emotion, and soul.
  5. Dream big thinks big. be big.
  6. Dream big and dare to fail!
  7. The more you investigate, the less you have to invest.
  8. Never, ever second-guess yourself.
  9. Cash only prolongs death. It doesn’t avoid it.
  10. I’ve never seen a “part-time” super successful, high-performance person.
  11. A deal has to sound good before it is good. Click To Tweet
  12. During Quantum growth, any problem you solve will be replaced immediately by a larger, more complicated problem.
  13. Man plans; God laughs.
  14. You won’t always have all the answers. Only take seriously the advice of others whom you greatly respect.
  15. The consequences of a misguided decision are insignificant in the cosmos of eternity.
  16. Always shoot for the moon. Even if you don’t hit the bulls-eye, you’ll at least get 80%.
  17. Always, always, always pay yourself – and your employees – first! Through all economic cycles.
  18. Plan for success. With no back-up plans, no ripcords, no fail-safes – or you will fail.
  19. Management performance sins will always be forgiven during periods of rapidly increasing revenues.
  20. Learn to play bad golf well.
  21. Become more disciplined. The pain of discipline hurts less than the pain of regret.
  22. Hunger makes beasts of men and demons of beasts. Click To Tweet
  23. Everybody else is worried about life after death. My concern is about life before death.
  24. The business world is divided into people with great ideas. and people who take action on those ideas.
  25. If you want things to change. first, you have to change.
  26. A man who dwells on his past robs his future.
  27. There’s a big difference between playing to win and playing to lose.
  28. The difference between a failure and a high-performance individual is how each deals with fear. We are all afraid. A high-performance person uses his fear to galvanize his actions.
  29. Ignorance is a steep hill with jagged rocks at the bottom.
  30. The only difference between a champ and a chump is “U”.
  31. To succeed in business you must do more than take a step in the right direction. You have to take a Quantum Leap.
  32. A good plan executed today is better than a great plan executed next week.
  33. You can’t win at poker or business with scared money. It gives offa stench that is repugnant to the other side. If you’re going to play, leave your money at home and play with OPM – Other People~ Money.
  34. The fulfillment of your dream is directly proportional to your desire to succeed… and how much you’re willing to sacrifice. If you are not prepared to die. then you are not prepared to live.
  35. When you get rid of someone, never give them a “hook” with which to get back in. Always make a clean, definable, and irrevocable break.
  36. Quantum Leap success means fishing with nets, not just with lines. Click To Tweet
  37. To achieve “hyper-growth”, avert avoidable mistakes, and let your successes run their course. Do more of what you’re doing right – and less of what you’re doing wrong.
  38. You always need a reason to overlook the obvious.
  39. Never underestimate how wrong you can be. Even the most careful planning can be overtaken by external events and circumstances.
  40. Always maintain your personal relationships 0n the same plane upon which they were formed. True friends will rejoice in your professional successes. Allow them to enjoy them with you. Never reassess their personal and professional lives in terms of your OWN.
  41. Your most valuable natural asset is your own gut instinct. Don’t be afraid of it. Your instinct has more power than all of the conventional wisdom in the world.
  42. Business opportunities abound – but formidable barriers exist. And the biggest barrier is psychological. It is you.
  43. Your greatest idea, born out of revolutionary thinking and passion, will die of indifference, apathy, and the cancer of low expectations.
  44. Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. Click To Tweet
  45. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Just because something has never been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The fact you have never seen or heard something is not proof that it doesn’t exist.
  46. Every worthy dream has a “pay·price-to·action”. That means you have to give up something to get something. You can ‘I have it all.
  47. The old Kenny Rogers song, “The Gambler” has a message for CEOs. “You’ve Galla know when 10 hold ’em and know when la/old ’em.” As a CEO you’ll get more advice from your staff than you know what to do with. But it’s up to you to know when to “hold ’em” and when to “fold ’em”.
    Listen to your staff. Listen to your gut. Make your decision and move on.
  48. I never met a super successful, high-performance person who wasn’t enthusiastic.
  49. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.
  50. A deal is either hot – or it’s not.
  51. You don’t have to know how you’re going to get there. But you do need to know where you want to go.
  52. If you have no destination, wherever you end up will be acceptable. Click To Tweet
  53. It costs nothing to aim high – but if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit anything.
  54. FEAR is … false Expectations Appearing Real.
  55. “Thinking it over” is for people who can’t take action.
  56. Quantum Growth eliminates clear sailing. So you’d better learn to navigate troubled waters.
  57. From chaos comes order. In chaos is an opportunity – Chaordic!
  58. Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness doesn’t know where to shop.
  59. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Click To Tweet
  60. More of the same usually just gives you more of the same.
  61. It doesn’t matter what morons say.
  62. Give potential associates and partners the “Doofus Test”. Place them under stress to see how they react to pressure as a high-performance person.
  63. You are paid in life not for what you know, but what you can do. Or get others to do.
  64. Ideas are a dime a dozen. The person who puts them into action is priceless.
  65. You’ve known all along it’s tough to be successful. But you’d rather hear the fairy tales.
  66. Half-truths and misinformation sell easier – and return harder.
  67. Excuses are the crutches of the untalented and unambitious.
  68. Everyone knows how to manage success. But no one ever asks, 'How do we manage failure? ' Click To Tweet
  69. Regret for the past is a waste of the spirit – and makes no money!
  70. Minutia never makes money. It only makes manure.
  71. Super successful people are macro managers who know that less control means more control.
  72. Always respect the individual on the other side of the deal. He is not as stupid as you may think. And you’re not as smart as you think.
  73. Logic can be a logical process that leads to the wrong conclusion.
  74. It isn’t a case of taking a big chance. It’s a matter of giving yourself a big chance.
  75. The more self-esteem you give others, the more you have. And the more you have, the easier it is to give away.
  76. Most successful people do it poorly until they do it well. Just keep blundering along. You can’t wait until it’s exactly right. The product of your quest for perfection is … paralysis.
  77. High-performance people get paid for performing their hobbies.


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These all are the best motivational making money quotes that help you to find the right way and boost you toward the direction.

Remember, Money produces money and you have to be a master of money. Rich people don’t work for money, money work for them.

Let me know. Which one or more is your favorite motivational money making quotes or sayings ??

My favorites are those which are bold.

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