9 Quick tips to Motivate Yourself. [ Inspire Yourself ]

9 Quick tips to Motivate Yourself. [ Inspire Yourself ]

Last Updated on 6 months There is not an infinite dose to motivate yourself. Some days you wake up with the great motivation to achieve something, and sometimes, you wake up with boredom and laziness. When you write something that you want to achieve at any cost, you motivate yourself. But the next day, you don’t longer remember anything that you did the previous day.

Neither yourself nor the others make you motivated. The world has its own chaos that hurts everyone, but there are some tips that help you to do whatever your heart conceals every day.

Sometimes, motivation is a myth when you’re broken inwardly. You can’t do anything although you really want to do it. These tips neither just motivate you but it helps you to reach your goals and feel yourself. Let’s dive right in.

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1. When your mind says “I need Motivation”

Some people feel laziness daily because they have a lack of motivation (Intrinsic Motivation) toward their goals or others. When do you really need motivation? After a long walking journey? or a deadly fight with a companion? We all are humans and that’s why we need motivation every single day to make our day great and valuable.

Ask yourself, “When do you really need motivation?” Find the right particular situation when you need motivation. Find the person or things that demotivate you. Find the place where you feel a lack of motivation. Note down all the things that demotivate you.

Now, be yourself. Convince yourself about the place, situation, person, things, or whatever that demotivates you, and say yourself, “These things are made to help me. They can’t demotivate me because it made to motivate me.  It helps me daily to grow and achieve goals.”

Be yourself by removing demotivation words during your conversation about the particular things that you think that demotivate you. In short, find some positive points in the negative things.

Quick Action:- List down things that you think that demotivate you and say yourself these things made to motivate me. 

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2. Find motivation in your reasons.

Motivate yourself through reasons.
Motivate yourself through reasons.

When someone asks me, ” How to achieve our goals easily?  “, and my answer is, ” Instead of purpose, lead by reasons. ” We are all humans made up of feelings and emotions. When we see dreams, our feelings, and emotions attached to those dreams, and lastly we feel the motivation to achieve those dreams through the to-do list that we make during the dreaming period.

These feelings and emotions are our reasons. These vulnerable things help us a lot when we really want to achieve those dreams. Ask yourself or emotions: 1.” Why need to do work daily? ” 2. ” What will achieve after getting my self in 90hrs/week? ”

These small or little two questions not just helps you or motivate you but it clear your purpose. It ignites those feelings and emotions that really want to help you.

Make those reasons, your written commitment, and stick it at your dreaming place.

Quick Action:- Lead through reasons(Maslow’s fourth need), instead of purpose.   

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3. Ask yourself why can’t I motivate myself.

This tip is similar to the first one, but the main difference is you don’t need to embrace things that really demotivate you.  In short, find distractions.

Go back to your past, notice everything that surrounded you from companions to a small coffee cup. Ask yourself this question, ” What are things that really distract me? ” and ” How can I solve it? “.

Write down your distraction and it’s solutions. Apply these solutions to your presence. Go to your working place, remove those distractions that really distract you. Some distractions called addiction if you are addicted to games like Pubg, then don’t fight with yourself, play it for last once and remove this game from your phone.

Quick Action:- Find distraction that really not made to motivate yourself, and kill them down.   

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4. Be ready with proper tools.

Whatever you are, you need somethings to complete something. If you are a writer, be sharp your tools including from pens to coffee cup. Surround yourself through the weapons that help you to increase your productivity, and helps you to do your work more fluently.

Tip:-  When you are really demotivated, surround yourself around tools that really help you to do your work even if you are not ready to do your work. It helps you to motivate yourself to do work.

Quick Action:- Surround yourself around tools that really helps you. 

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5. Find the next motivation step.

Motivate yourself through finding next motivation step.
Work through the motivation step.

It’s time to re-write your goal-oriented plan. Find the next step that makes your goal more real. Ask yourself questions: 1. “What should I do next? ” 2. “What can I do next that really push me toward my goals. ”

Re-read your motivational goal-oriented plan. Watch again or go to the place where you feel strongly motivated about your goals.

Quick Action:- Re-write and re-read your motivational goal-oriented plan. 

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6. Find a source for instant motivation.

Meditation, quick short exercise, aerobics, stretching, dance, and laughing are the main source of instant motivation. When you feel lazy, do this for a while and you will feel motivated.

Quick Action:- Do some sort of exercises that helps you to get rid of laziness and brings up motivation.

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7. Try to motivate someone to self-motivation

When you motivate someone, you feel more motivated than the opposite ones. When someone supports you, you will support them when they needed. Motivation is just like happiness, it will increase if you share it. People who love to motivate others are leaders or business persons.

Self-motivation is nothing but the motivation that we give someone to achieve their goals.

Quick Action:- Motivate others, when you feel demotivate.

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8. Work through the success list.

Motivate yourself through working on success list.
Work on success list.

There are two types of lists out there: 1. To-do list 2. Success list. If you feel demotivated, it’s because you are working through a to-do list which means you do what you think you need to do(Everything that necessary to complete the task. ).

But when you are working through a success list which means a list that contains the most essential part of any process, and the number of tasks is 2 or 3. You must read this article which contains how to convert your to-do list into a success list.

Quick Action:- Work through success list. 

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9. Getting motivated to change.

This is the most common problem named demotivation or lack of motivation. You must motivate yourself permanently rather than temporarily. When your feelings and emotions are attached to your process to achieve those dreams, you become unstoppable because now your goals become your need instead of choice.

When your goal becomes your need, it needs to be complete at any cost.

Quick Action:- Find permanent solution rather than temporarily.

These are the tips that made to help you to reach your goals without any frustration. But one thing is only one and that is “Success is sweet but the secret is sweat.”

Tell me in the comment section, which tip do wanna use today? Is it really helpful to you? .


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