4 Parameters that You Should Check Before Selecting Mentor [Big Parameters]

4 Parameters that You Should Check Before Selecting Mentor [Big Parameters]

Last Updated on 4 months Do you ever meet a mentor? I am not.

We heard lots of times that mentor/gurus can change our life. But there are a lot of fake gurus/mentors.

It is true that a mentor can help us to change our life rapidly. But how do you choose the right mentor?

A mentor that knows things you’d desire to achieve. Here 4 things to keep in mind while selecting the mentor.

If you are live in the poverty level like me, you can also choose books like Rich-dad poor-dad, one thing, and a lot more as a mentor.

Here are the parameters…

  1. More successful than you [Significantly]
  2. Select an elder.
  3. Achieve greatness in the field that you want.
  4. Common Interests.


1. More successful than you [Significantly]

Find a dragon who more powerful than you are. It’s common sense.

Chose mentor who is successful than you and has the experience to deal with failure

Find Mentor who are more successful than you are.

There is one thing we might understand.

  • Failure teaches us what not to do.
  • Success teaches us what to do.

What we have to learn first and can help us?

I believe in failure. Chose the mentor who believes in failure.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

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2. Select an Elder

Elders are intelligent, that is true. But, above the level, they teach us as there children.

We have to see the scenario at an emotional point of view. Mentor that train us as their child and we give them respect and show gratitude toward them make a strong relationship.

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3. Achieve greatness in the field that you Are.

A mentor who has a huge experience might be great in his field. If your mentor great, they can make you great.

Find mentor who are already seeker of greatness

Greatness doesn’t mean rich or money, or power. Greatness means success. Success means respect, prosperity, and knowledge.

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4. Common Interests. 

If you forget to check this parameter, your relationship bond won’t grow well.

List out your interests and compare them to the mentor’s interest to help you grow the relationship.

To be happy in life, develop at least four hobbies: one to bring you money, one to keep you healthy, one to bring you joy, and one to bring you peace. – STAN JACOBS

These four parameters bring to you the right mentor. A mentor that really wants to help you.

Be aware of fake gurus and mentors.

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