Mentor helps you to learn how to think.

Mentor helps you to learn how to think.

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A mentor who helps you to achieve your goals. who already achieve your goals.  Today we will learn, we have also thinking ability.  

Imagine that you totally depend upon somebody and you are agreed with whatever that person said. But you should stop and think over things that the person said. Is that person right or wrong? Is their thought or quotes right or wrong?

Can you think about this ?? I am sure you will think about this after reading this article.

See. I am not a professional expositor Or the person who makes comments on such a thing that gives him fam.

Let’s see an example of what I said.

In our country, If any person is made great work for people and gives their whole life for peoples like Mahatma Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan,…so on are there. If you follow them that is totally great. I am also following those legends who sacrificed their whole life for people.

But not necessarily what they say is 100% right and Applicable.

Are you getting my point ?? I am sure you are near to the point.

Let’s take on Example,

Once, Mahatma Gandhiji said that

   ” Bad character is a sign of incomplete education “

After Gandhiji said every person in our country and outside of the country behave like Gandhiji said that sentence so it’s 100% right because Gandhiji gave their whole life for us.

  • But at this time you should run your thoughts process that Mahatma Gandhiji said that but why ??.
  • What their meaning towards those sentences?
  • And the main thought we must think is when Gandhiji said that sentence.

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As I thought about this quotes what I thought. When Gandhiji said there is no computer or no online working company and mostly communication must be in the form of handwriting so that if your handwriting is not good it makes a bad impression on persons.

But in our time we do not need to write anything like a job application, presentation, etc…

So if you believe your mentor’s quotes without think twice then you are in the wrong path.

But it is good to select the mentor and follow them, they help you to find what is the right path and overtake the hurdles that will come along the path. You should learn some parameter that helps you to choose the right mentor for you.  Here is the article that helps you to choose the right mentor for you. 

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Now I think you got the core of my article. If yes then comment it in the comment section. 

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