Locus of Control: What & Why Important ??

Locus of Control: What & Why Important ??

Last Updated on 4 months Locus of control law also known as the law of control. This law says that “If you are happy to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your own life. You feel unhappy about the degree to which you feel you are not in control of your own life.” Here we will deep dive into the concept of locus of control and why it is so important.

Simply, locus of control determines your future but it most determines your nature of actions. If you think you are a loser or you haven’t control over circumstances or you can’t change the situation then you are affected by the one type of locus of control called an external locus of control.

Successful people have an internal locus of control because they do everything and achieve everything that their mind wants. Whether you are a creative thinker; or want to become successful without a college degree; everything measures by the locus of control. Also, internals and externals should (and do) react differently to success and failure.


What is the Locus of Control ??

Locus of control is simply a beliving system that determines whether you succeed or not.  If you feel and believe that Control of circumstances and future is in your hand or you think isn’t in your hand then you are affected by the locus of control.

Locus of control defined by the psychology;

Locus of control is where you feel the control exists in each area of your life. This location determines your happiness or unhappiness more than any other factor.

Do you what does mean of the law of belief ?? If not check that link. There are two types of belief; one is self-growing belief and the second is a self-limiting belief. The same as a L.O.C has two types that ever decide what you are and what you will be. It decides what you feel and what you really want. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages. we will look it in just a while.

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Types of locus of control

  1. Internal LOC

  2. External LOC

Remember, Your Loc is where you feel the control exists in each area of your life. This location determines your happiness and unhappiness more than any other factor.

Let’s Dive in each of the types,


  1. Internal Locus of Control :

As a definition of locus of control, internal LOC is where The control of your emotions is existed by the internal factors of your body. That factor leads with internal focus so it is called an internal LOC.

In other words, Who believe internally who is able to change their circumstances and future by his own hands, are more likely to affected by the internal locus of control. Most known word is passion, most people use a phrase every time when they are talking to their students or child is find your passion and work on it. This passion is nothing but the final product of internal L.O.C.

Internal locus of control is little likely a spider who falls every time when it tries to climb on the walls and falls but it never loses hope and never gives up.

In 1977, Bar-Tal and Bar-Zohar reviewed 36 studies on both children and adults and concluded that “there is a firm trend indicating that the perception of locus of control is related to academic achievement. This trend suggests that the more internal the individual’s orientation, the higher the individual’s achievement”

Who has an internal locus of control is more likely to say “I know It is up to me” or “I have to learn how to become so successful “, this study found by Richard B. Joelson who is the author at the psychology today.


Internal Locus of control
Internal locus of control is your best friend always.

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Here is an example of Internal LOC,

If you feel that your primary creative force in your own life, that you make your own decisions, and that everything that happens to you is a result of yourself and your own behaviors then you have a solid internal Loc. As a result, you will feel strong, confident, and happy. You will think with greater clarity and perform at higher levels than the average person.

Those with an internal Loc see the world through a more adaptive perspective.  They believe that hard work and personal abilities will lead to positive outcomes no matter how worst situations are.  This makes them more likely to meet challenges and succeed in their future endeavors.

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       2. External Locus of Control :

Similarly to Internal LOC; External LOC is where the control of your emotions is excited by the external factors like your boss, teacher, etc.. 

Who has an external locus of control is more likely to be a victim of their own self or bosses. They feel anxiety and stress. They just want to leave from this because of its dreadness.  People who have an external locus of control are more likely to belive that they can’t leave from it, they just want to perish or they don’t likely to become successful because they can’t feel in success way.

But there are some advantages of external locus of control. It helps us to find what we need to do and what we don’t need to do. Here is an example of that, If you think I want to be a cricketer but in the realm of truthness, you don’t know how to wear bat in your hand; you are not able to be a cricketer But you try it again and again and you fail every time.

Because of failure, your belief system sends you various signals and that is anxiety and boredom that tells you it is not for you. It is called an external L.O.C.  It is called apathy.

The external locus of control has a string that always hands in others and they always keep it strong for us. It easy to understand for a job person because they are more likely to affect an external L.O.C if they are not happy with their job.

What is external Locus of control ??
External locus control is not your best friend but sometimes it be.


Here is an example of External LOC,

If you feel that your life is controlled by other factors or people, by your job, your boss, your childhood experiences, your bills, your health, your
family, or anything else, you will have an external locus of control. You will feel like a victim. You will feel helpless and unable to change or improve your situation. This type of thinking leads inevitably to anger, frustration, and failure.

This type of feeling as Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania calls “learned helplessness.”

In fact, people with an external L.O.C are more likely to suffer from depression and other ailments because they believe their actions cannot improve their current position.

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Why the locus of control is important ??

Remember, Locus of control is your best friend because it helps you when you needed and help you to become successful. Just by practicing some exercises, you can change your locus of control from one state to another state but first, let’s understand why is it so important.

Your locus of control can impact on Confidence; Positivity; Anxiety; Perception; progression; and more important success. By changing locus of control, you can increase the frequencies of these all parameters. By increasing the chances of internal locus of control, you more likely to become more confident, progress, less anxious, and more adaptive perception. You can learn more about the importance of the L.O.C here. 

Change is easy. 

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Do You Have an External or Internal L.O.C?

What do you think and what you believe decides what’s you have. Read through beneath this paragraph you able to find statements that existed in outlooks; select one of them that best describes your outlook of life:


  • I think I am not the result of my own actions.
  • Success never produces by proper planning and great supervision.
  • Life is a game of chance no matter who you are.
  • I always feel anxiety when I started something new to work.
  • I don’t know how can I win.

If the statements above best reflect your perception of life, then you probably tend to have an external L.O.C



  • I am what I need to be and what my heart wants.
  • 90hr/week revel super success.
  • If you study with the 80/20 principle, you little likely to win any game.
  • In the marathon people always get what they really want.
  • I know luck has little effects but it is not the realm of success.

If the statements above best reflect your perception of life, then you probably tend to have an internal L.O.C.

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The Final Conclusion:

Internal Loc is Good for the carriers and Life relationships but on another side of external Loc is not good for the life and most valuable relationships. If you are in Job and you just do the job just for the money then I suggest you leave your job and develop internal Loc for the better future and better carriers in life. You can change your Loc easily If you change your environment.

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If you want to change your External LOC into Internal Loc than comment “Yes” in the Comment section.

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