8 Laws of Motivation || Qualities that Needed ||

8 Laws of Motivation || Qualities that Needed ||

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8 laws of motivation that you should remind in your mind every time If you break it you might pay price for it. What sort of manager would you like to be managed by ?? Are they have inspirational qualities to manage people in an organization or they are good looking or maybe they good at work. In the commonsense realm, A good manager is who makes employees’ day enjoyable and fulfilling.

You might seem to find motivation at any time. As an artist, always looking for inspiration so why not you !! Best picture of a manager and every person who wants to establish a big empire like apple, or tesla, you must follow these laws.

Before we nail down of laws, first understand,

What is the core of motivation ??

” Motivation is getting somebody to do something because they want to do it. ”

Remember, Motivation and Manipulation are two different things. Manipulation is getting somebody to do something because you want them to do it. There is a big difference between these. Manipulation creates mistrust and creates the last distracting relationship.

You can easily find who is the true motivator by looking at this thing:

  • They usually talk about the future.
  • They talk about their planning and what they will do.
  • They use their past as their experience to recognize and turn opportunities into success.
“You can eat the right and healthy food, If you go and spew your life to the farmer “

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What are the 8 laws of Motivation ??

Here is the list of law that we will discuss,

  1. We have to be motivated to Motivate
  2. Motivation requires Goal
  3. Motivation, once Established, never lasts
  4. Motivation requires Recognition.
  5. Seeing ourselves Progressing Motivates us
  6. Challenge Only Motivates if you can Win.
  7. Everybody has a motivational fuse.
  8. Inspired Leadership is Motivational.

Let’s nail down each of them

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1. We have to be motivated to Motivate

It is impossible to Motivate another person if you yourself are not motivated.

How can you motivate yourself first ?? Are you humble and loyal toward your employees at the workplace ?? Are you arrive early at your office before anyone else ?? If yes then you are motivated within yourself. You have own fire flam that pushes yourself toward the work.


If you are motivated by yourself then you can motivate others

Your senior group of managers decides your companies future. If your senior group of manager is truly motivated and Enthusiastic then they motivated new employees and that is the power of sharing motivation and motivate others by linking one own flame to another flame.

Keypoint:- If you want to motivate another person, you have to be motivated yourself.

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2. Motivation Requires a Goal

As a Chinese Proverb asserted

“Be resolved and the thing is done.”

Without any a goal, you can’t run nor walk. Our destiny has own goal for us. Same as we must have our own goal that gives us direction toward achieve our dreams or our goals. Peoples or teams of peoples can’t motivate without any specific clear goal.

Motivation is striving towards the future, and without a goal, there is no purpose.

All of us must have hope. We must be looking forward to something and so goals and objectives must be set.

Keypoint:- You must have goals for owns and for business world.

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3. Motivation, once Established, never lasts

Motivation is not a once-a-year booster. Motivation should and must be an ongoing process. This is the most confusing and miserable uses of laws of motivation. So keep remember it.

Many conferences are attended every year with only one purpose, Get everybody together, impact information on past performance, discuss about the news and set out goals and plans for the future. The overall purpose of this activity is to recharge employees again and get motivated.

Some organizations have a yearly appraisal where each member of staff meets for a private discussion with their superior and their performance is appraised. if it is conducted correctly, Where discusses strengths and weaknesses and draws up plans of action and self-improvement for the future.

The most effective appraisal is of course what is known as the 360-degree appraisal. This is when the manager is also appraised by each staff member in his or her direct line of reporting. A really good leader appraises daily, possibly even hourly – not formally, of course, but by watching, listening and discovering where help or guidance may be needed.

Be aware that just because an individual might be motivated today, doesn’t mean they will be motivated tomorrow.

A person can be motivated at their workplace and be demotivated in their home environment and vice versa. This alone is a good enough reason why every individual should understand the power of motivation, understand themselves, how they feel and why they react; what causes them to be happy or unhappy and what inspires them to do just that little bit more.

We must understand what really demotivate us and then as possible as take steps to prevent it.

Keypoint:- We must understand our self and find and solve what demotivate us. 

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4. Motivation requires Recognition

This is so much more important than money. Yes! you hear right.  This is the powerful law if you are continuing to break it and you will never surround by a person who are truly motivated. People want respect and values on their opinions and their ethics.

Do you treat your people as you treat your best client ?? If yes then people never leave your company but they leave people.

Motivation with recognition is great secret key to success of any business.

There are various ways to recognize your employees including from one simple Thank-you latter to admiring them with a flower arrangement.  Most companies give their employees various awards like oscar and give them new job titles or print their photos in the newspaper to an appearance on television. Here is more other ways to recognize. 

People will strive harder for recognition than any other thing in life. Recognition can be a compliment. If you are a parent, you might admire your child even any small thing including one small drawing to the big assignment project.

Genuine compliments are a form of recognition and it takes a thoughtful person to give another a compliment. Small-minded people are unable ever to recognize the achievements of others.

Keypoint:- Appreciation is Magic.

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5. Seeing ourselves Progressing Motivates us

This is another life law that motivates us on a daily basis. When we see ourselves progressing, moving forward and achieving, we will always be more motivated. In vice versa, we will be demotivated.

It is the human tendency, when we see ourselves in progress we definitely more motivated. Whether it is in our private life, business world or in our hobbies, sports, or any interests.

A good leader always focuses on the progress of their employees. In every tough situation, the leader will emphasize some point or some activity that the team is making progress with.

This is the law used, worked on, managed, and planned in order to maintain a high level of motivation.

Keypoint:-   See yourself always in Progress whether it is in worst.

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6.  Challenge Only Motivates if you can Win

A challenge will only motivate a person if they think they have a chance of success.

Contests, competitions and challenges are extremely much effective and most certainly do inspire people to greater activity. But those who should be participating must believe that they have a chance to win or chance to success.

Be realistic in setting competition. Some people think that big targets are motivation because they are real challenge but in the end they fail to achieve it and demotivated.

This is true that challenge ignites motivation.

Challenge does motivate. People will rise to the occasion. Challenge them to get something worthwhile done and nine times out of ten they will do it.

Making work more challenging by giving them the big job they can handle — and with this responsibility must, of course, come the credit of achievement.

Keypoint:-  Challenge ignites Intrinsic motivation.

– Intrinsic motivation

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7. Everybody has a motivational fuse

This law says everybody can be motivated. A person may have a fuse but we don’t know at what point it will ignite. Each of us has a fuse and most effective manager will try anyways to spark somebody into a more motivated mode of behaviour.

A manager in many cases blam himself, if these above attempts are fail. The unpleasant duties is to fire an employee. But in many cases manager win if they set precautions on environment. It is all about the environment, if your environment is right then you will win to motivate others.

Keypoint:-  Everybody has a fuse.


8. Inspired Leadership is Motivational

Leaders and managers are very different. A leader will inspire people by their actions. Leaders will take a risk, which will, of course, be calculated. Leaders will be continually looking for new opportunities and a new challenge.

People are much more motivated if they with inspired leadership.

A small seed creates a big tremendous tree.

Keypoint:- Inspired leadership can re-fuel anything.

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Infographic of Laws of Motivation:-


Infographic of laws of Motivation || Laws of Motivation || Qualities that Needed ||


You can download this infographic from Here !!


These all the laws of motivation that help you being shadow less fighter in your industries and help you to achieve your infinite success in the competitive business world.  Most of the these laws will break and they lose their time to recover their losses. Laws like traffic laws, criminal laws, etc.. If you break it you must pay a price for it.

Laws of motivation are similar for every people who work with his own seld (Freelancer), job person or any big businessman. This is similar to all. Tell me what is your first law that you apply from today through uses of various techniques like visualization etc..

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