What is Law of Belief ?? [ Learn from Basics ]

What is Law of Belief ?? [ Learn from Basics ]

Last Updated on 5 months Everyone heard the word “belief system.” Right? The belief that can change our point of view and decisions.

Your belief system decides how your point-of-view is. What you see first: an empty space or half water decide by the belief system.

Our belief system is interconnected with our self-esteem. We can change our belief system or the law of belief through various tactics.


What you’ll learn:

  1. What is the law of belief ??

  2. How it affects our life ??

  3. How to change your Belief  Step by Step??


1. What is the Law of Belief ??

Belief is what you believe subconsciously. What things meant to you is your belief.

“You do not believe what you see, but you see what you already believe.”

Your belief can affect your decisions and change your future. We have to clean our belief system, thereby, it won’t spoil our future.

William James of Harvard wrote, “Belief creates the actual fact.”

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2. How it affects our life ??

Before knowing its effects, first, understand the two types of belief.

  1. Self-limiting Belief

  2. Self-Growing Belief


1.  Self-limiting Belief :

A Self-limiting belief also called negative belief.

A self-limiting belief is like bad habit that can be habituated easily.  A self-limiting belief can affect in tremendous ways. You may believe that you have a lack of intelligence, creativity, personality, and more.

What is self limiting belief ??

You continually “sell yourself short” and give up easily in the pursuit of a goal. Even worse, you tell others that you lack certain qualities or abilities.

“You are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.”

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2. Self-Growing Belief :

This is the opposite side of belief that pushes you to break limits and help to grow daily.

You can also call it “self-learning belief.” It forces us to break limits through self-learning. It can help us and It does.

What is law of belief ?? Self growing belief

It’s easy to choose belief to follow. The self-limiting belief wants to destroy things, however, the self-growing belief wants to make fortunes.

Both have effects: one has negative and the second has positive.

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3. How to change your Belief  Step by step??

How do you change your self-limiting belief to self-growing belief? Here is a step-by-step demonstration to do it.

  1. Find your self-limiting Belief (Like afraid to start new work, Talk with peers, etc..)
  2. Find Opponent (Positive belief) of your self-limiting belief ( Example, afraid to start new work * I love to start new work. (Opponent) )
  3. Remember new belief and ponder it at-least 15-20 times in a day (Random time period)
  4. Before going to bed repeat process no.3
  5. Repeat this all 4 steps for 15-25 Days and you will see a massive change in your belief.


Remember one thing, “You can not change your all negative beliefs at once, you just pick one and break one at once”

Do you see the difference between self-limiting belief and self-growing belief? What your belief you’ve to change?

Rakshit Makvana

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