Habit vs Addiction [ With Descriptive Table. ]

Habit vs Addiction [ With Descriptive Table.  ]

Last Updated on 6 months Do you know, there is a big difference between addiction and habit? There was one day, I was thinking about the difference between habit and addiction, and I got this blog for all of you.

If I would recommend describing the difference in simple terms, I would say, “Habit can help us to achieve something, but an addiction that can lose everything we achieved. ”

There is might not a big difference.


What is the difference between habit and addiction ??

As I said, habit is positive— that desire to achieve something, whereas, addiction is negative.

The habit formed into two types: positive and negative. You can easily modify and change your positive habit, but it is hard to break a negative habit. A negative habit can easy to break if you follow strict but easy guidelines.

Addiction and negative habits can be differentiated through its distraction level. Addiction has the purpose to lose everything that you achieved. A negative habit has the same purpose but it has a limited effect on a limited area.

As an example, bitting the nails is a negative habit that can’t change your life, however, drinking alcohol is addiction can destroy your life.


Habit vs addiction

Here is the main difference between habit and addiction.

Habit Addiction
Definition An act and activity performed by a person built by some more repetitions to the point where the person is not aware of it anymore. It is an extreme form of the habit but a person can’t control it consciously. Last, it becomes a need for the body.
Control A person has complete control over the habit. An addiction has control over the person.
Types Negative and positive Only Negative.
Examples Biting nails, morning music,  etc.. Drug, Alcohol, sex, etc..


You can find more about habit vs addiction here.

If you would like to list of addictions in your life, list all the actions that carried out daily. Find things that can control you — things you can’t control. Write them down into the new column and filter things that can destroy your life. Those things would be addictions.

You can break your addictions easily if you really desire to break them. There are various activities and movements you can try to break addictions.

Don’t worry, feel free to share addiction if you have, in the comment section. We would like to help then say.

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