Goal Setting: Guide to Set Achievable Goals.

Goal Setting: Guide to Set Achievable Goals.

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Once, mid-day, I thought why goals are important and why everyone recommends setting goals. By seeking the answer, I returned with one pronoun “Life is like a river and having lots of tales.”

I truly understood this and I set my goals and pursue that with various tactics. Tactics that I’ll share with you today.

We are human and have various needs. Goals are one of those needs. You’ve to understand this. You can’t live without any goals in life because life is like a river and having lots of tales, so, you must choose your tale.

Your life goal is dedicated to someone or to yourself. In this blog, I am going to share with you some best-proven steps to set goals/personal goals/business goals and achieve them easily. Steps that are also known as 5 Golden Rules. So, let’s dive into it.


What you’ll learn:

  1. What is the definition of the Goal??
  2. What is Goal Setting??
  3. Why have Goals in life??
  4. What are the SMART goals?? How to set SMART Goals??
  5. How to Find My Goals??
  6. How to set Goals more specific??
  7. How to increase the speed of Achieving goals?? [ Reaching Goals Fast ]
  8. What are the examples of Best personal Goals ??
  9. Infographics for easy to understand.
  10. Resources.



What is the definition Goal? [Define Goals]

Simply, goals are things, you have to complete at any cost in a relative time period.

Goals don’t mean dreams. Dreams are what you want, but goals are measurable, that needed your whole effort on a daily basis to achieve it.

Goals have two types: long-term goals and short-term goals. Let’s understand both types of goals.

You have a desire to establish own business firm or have a desire to travel the world, or, want to become a famous politician. These types of goals known as long term goals.

Preparing for an exam, writing an assignment, or working in the yard 2 weeks continuously. These types of goals known as short term goals.

The time that differentiates goals. You’ve to be careful when you choosing your goals. Long term goals check your abilities like patience, courage, desire, or strength.

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What is Goal setting ??

Goal setting is a term used to divide big goals into small parts with respect to time. It is the process that prerequisite to any goals you’ve to achieve.

Goal setting is a very important step if you’ve to achieve your goals. It gives you direction, confidence, and more encouragement to move forward.

You can also say, goal setting is the heart of all golden rules to setting goals.

Before you start setting goals, there are some initial stages to perform like, ask some basic questions to yourself, or recheck your all answer.

We perform these stages in the upcoming section so keep reading.

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Why have goals in life ??

Peoples who are successful in their businesses, Top-level athletes, Leaders, Big companies’ CEO, even Most failing people, and companies have goals with proper goal setting in their life.

All the extraordinary people have goals. It doesn’t mean ordinary people have no goals, they have also goals but the main reason for failure is, their lack of desire and dedication to achieve their goals.

Sharp and accurate setting of goal gives us the proper measurement of goal with respect to time. It decides how and when what to put. It helps to choose what we have to choose at the right time.

For example, if you have a goal to reduce 5kg weight in one month, you can check the goal periodically and measure it.

Your “reduce 5kg weight” goal looks like:

  • 0.5 kg in 5 days
  • 2kg in 12 days
  • 0.5kg in 4 days
  • 2kg in 9 days.

Did you find something wrong with this? You can notice, the starting stage is very small. Why ??

Because it is a great starting point to any goals. If your starting is big, you may be overwhelmed— depends on goals, or maybe you quit.

You’ve to keep in mind- your starting stage has to be small. It decides how you put yourself to achieve goals.

You’ll find more about setting your first stage small in the next context.

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What are the SMART goals [5 Golden Rules] ??  How to set SMART Goals ??

Do you know what does mean of SMART ?? Clever!

Yes! You are right but not here.

SMART stands for

  • S:- Specific
  • M:- Measurable
  • A:- Achievable
  • R:- Relevant
  • T:- Time-bound

Let’s be specific,


1. SPECIFIC [Specific Goals]:

What does mean of SPECIFIC? You’ve to be specific when you setting your goals. There are only clear and sharp goals exist.

As an example, if your goal is to achieve A1 in the upcoming exam, your goal might look like this.

If I have to achieve A1 in my upcoming exams, I’d prepare this all things in a particular manner. [Good Goal]

I just have to be a better student in my classroom if I’ve to achieve A1 in the exam. [Bad Goal]

More specific = easier to achieve.

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2. Measurable [Measurable Goals]:

If you set your goals measurable, it’d motivate you and encourage you to achieve goals faster, and also it brings accurate results.

As an example, If your goal is to be prepared for the examination this Monday.

I will start to read my books on Thursday and meet my sir to prepare more accurate about the exam on Saturday. [Good goal]

I will start to read all my books on Sunday. [Bad goal]

More measurable = More accurate result.

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3. Achievable [Achievable Goals]:

I am sure, you got the clue. Achievable simply means, easy to achieve. Set goals that easy to achieve.

Achievable goals are easy to achieve, thus, they born no stress and no big worries.

As an example, if your goal is to lose 5kg weight in one month.

I reduce 1 kg weight in the first 5 days and follow my goal setting worksheet. [Good Goal]

I reduce my 3kg weight in 10days. [Bad goal]

Easy to achieve = Easy to run.

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4. Relevant [Relevant Goals]:

Do you understand the meaning of “relevant”?

You’ve to set goals that relevant to you. Set your goals that preferable to you. Goals that help you grow.

Relevant means things that you like more.

I love the gym, so I earn money as a gym trainer from next month. [Good Goal]

I hate finance but I want to earn from the stock market. [Bad goal]

More Relevancy = More fun.

Tip: Find your passion and set as your goal for earning and living a quality life.

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5. Time-bound:

It is the same as measurable, but a small difference is that this will helps you to understand the practical sense of urgency.

I want to outline my article on this Friday. [Good goal]

I want to submit my article at the end of this month. [Bad goal]

What do you think: we really need to set SMART goals? Is SMART goals can achieve easily?

Yes, it is really necessary to set SMART goals. Smart goals prevent various types of failures. We really have to set smart goals.

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How do I find my Goals ??

How do you find your goals? How do you recognize what are your goals and what aren’t? It seems messy. Let me clean it for you.

I have my own strategy to find the right goals. In fact, this strategy brings the right goals with its right time to you. It helps you a lot to kill doubts.

So, here is the strategy…

  1. Take a note and a pen. Go and sit where you sit most like your favorite place, and put your mind in a hypothetical situation.
  2. Move 10 to 15 years ahead from today and notice everything that surrounded you, feel every voice, find where are you, and note all small things.
  3. Be specific when you analyzing things around you. Find where are you, whom with you, what clothes you wear, what do you work, what is your annual income, how do you manage your cash-flow and every small detail that make big difference.
  4. Now, you’ve to ask questions to yourself listed below.
    • – What is my only one thing I have to paste in my goal list ?? (If you have any passion, you will find out with this question. )
    • – Why this goal is most important?
    • – What happens if I won’t put enough effort to achieve this goal?
    • – Can I survive my whole life with the goal’s results?
    • – Can my family survive with the goal’s results?
    • – Can I find financial freedom with this goal?

If you ask these questions to yourself honestly, you kill all doubts in your head. It is necessary to ask important questions like why… and what if…

When you satisfy yourself with questions’ answers, you’ve to move forward, otherwise, repeat the strategy — again put your mind in a hypothetical situation.

When you satisfy, write down goals into the paper. Make it written — it is important.

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How to set Goals more specific??

What do you learn from the SMART goals section or 5 Golden rules?

Most answers are “ goals that help us to achieve them.” They are right, but what makes it proven?

How do you prove, your goals are smart? The answer is to set them more specific in physical form. Set specific goals with its physical form — that you can read and touch daily.

More specific goals help us to measure and focus easily. Let’s find how to set goals more specific.

There are two parts to setting goals more specific.

  1. Part your big goal into small goals/parts.
  2. Use this android application for measure and achieve goals easily.


  1. Part your big goal into small steps.

Have you heard the 80/20 principle ever before? It is very helpful, so, don’t forget to check it.

Going small is a big strategy for apple’s success. When you set big goals into small stages, it helps a lot to measure, modify, and achieve it. It makes space to release stress and gain strength.

Here are the advantages of going small…

Advantages of the Going small:-

  1. You cut your fear of failure in half percent.
  2. Easy to measure and easy to remember stages.
  3. Going small leads to a big result.
  4. Easy to apply on your subconscious mind.
  5. You can give a reward to yourself in every short break.

Sure, you fascinated by the advantages of going small. Now, what comes up first in your mind?

How do I set big goals into small parts?

The real answer is “depends.” It depends on your goal— What type of goal and how much time it takes.

But let’s find the answer to the question.

As an example, if your big goal is to become an English Teacher, how do you break it into small parts. Assume— you know nothing about English Grammar.

If you’ve to be a successful English teacher, you need to learn English Grammar first. Let’s break this first…

  • Find a good college or course- whatever you prefer.
  • Prior to English first rather than other subjects.
  • Learn basic concepts like tenses and many more first.
  • Find an enthusiast who learn English grammar.
  • When the basis becomes strong, move ahead to the hard stuff.
  • Find the online tests and more courses teach to learn “write English fluently.”
  • Find the next level of college that helps you to be a teacher.
  • Learn other subjects like case-flow management, management, accounting, to manage school and your income — it is optional.
  • Learn to teach with examples.
  • Teach them to earn.

These are the prior stages that you’ve to set first. These are the stages that first thought of me. If there are mistakes, tell me in the comment section.

As I first recommend, read the 80/20 principle blog first. It helps you to stop wasting time when you try to achieve goals. Let’s get ahead to our second part.

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2. Use this Mindly app

“What is Mindly?” you ask in the first bite. Mindly is a free application for an android platform to make mind-maps.

We use this application to make our goal more specific using mind-maps. I am not a promoter of that application. I use the application personally, so I recommend all of you.

Here is,  Mindly! 

What it looks like.


Mind map by mindly


Mind map by mindly for goal worksheet



You can set your goals as I set in my goal worksheet.


You can make your own goal-worksheet with this application as I made.

Mindly helps us to set our goals more specifically with its proper timing. It encourages you to achieve goals if you check it daily.

Remember, you’ve to check your goal-setting worksheet daily no matter where do you write it.


How to increase the speed of Achieving goals?? [Reaching Goals Fast]

I read Awaken giant within by tony robbins. This book helps me to understand the power of belief and many other things. Our beliefs can change anything. It is worth to read.

In this section, I will give you some tricks and tactics to achieve your goals faster.


 5 Tips to achieving your dreams faster [ How to accomplish goals Faster ?? ]:- 

  1. Part your big goal into small parts and put every single part into your subconscious mind daily before going to bed.
  2. Use your phone as your Dream mirror.
  3. Use the 80/20 Principle when you working on your dream.
  4. Find your mentor, who already achieved whatever you want.
  5. Check your goal-setting worksheet daily.

Let’s deep dive into every tip.

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1. Part your big goal into small parts and put every single part into your subconscious mind daily before going to bed.

Sub-conscious mind can change anything. You can accomplish your goals easily if you can alive a sub-conscious mind daily.

It really helps you. If I would apply the 80/20 principle on these 5 tips, I prefer this tip first.

Because small parts of big goals can visualize in the subconscious mind easily.

Close your eyes and put your mind in a hypothetical situation, and think about your dream, feel what you are doing, feel your surroundings, and notice everything.

This is similar to the stage when we finding goals. You have to put your mind in a hypothetical situation and imagine your goals’ parts that you parted early.

It makes students smarter. It helps you to achieve goals faster than any other tips. Athletes use it to win games. Successful business people now use it.

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2. Use your phone as your Dream mirror.

Set wallpaper, make a to-do list and success list, follow best and useful articles, read the journal, and a lot more things you can do with your phone. You just need to click the phone and use it for your advantages.

If your goal is to be a doctor then use the wallpaper that encourages you whenever you open your phone, read articles and journals relate to your goal that provides more education to you.

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3. Use 80/20 Principle when you are work on your dream

80/20 Rule also called the Pareto principle. It helps you to boost your productivity and achieve quality in a short time. It believes in quality so, it brings up only quality.

80/20 Principle asserted that you’ve to put your effort into only 20% things that can produce 80% results. You don’t have to put more effort. You can achieve 80% by investing 20%.

It’s the third time when I recommend the 80/20 principles to read and apply.

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4. Find your mentor, who already achieved whatever you want.

If you want to achieve your goals as possible as fast, you must follow this step.

Find a great mentor and they will help you to achieve your goals. They help because they know what is necessary and what isn’t. They achieved your goals already, thus, they can help you.

If you take the hand of your mentor, you will never fail. Most people know about Rich dad – poor dad story by Robert Kiyosaki. He is one of the great mentors that can help you to achieve financial freedom.

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5. Check your dream worksheet at least once in one week.

This step is most important as making a goal-worksheet. Be aware, if you miss this step, you end up just failures.

Remember, dream-worksheet and goal-worksheet are the same.

It is very simple to make a goal-setting worksheet. It helps you to understand the various stages of goal but if you don’t use goal-setting-worksheet accurately, your all effort might be worthless.

Mindly helps you to check goal-setting-worksheet on a daily basis. It looks beautiful and elegant. Its user-interface encourages you to check goal-setting-worksheet daily.

Don’t miss to use Mindly. If you are an iPhone user, find a mind-mapping application. Mind-mapping can change anything if it visualizes daily.

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What are the examples of Best personal Goals ??

  1. Develop Confidence.
  2. Learn fast and listen accurately.
  3. Making decisions on a daily basis
  4. Fight toward bad habits.
  5. Learn to read financial numbers.
  6. Learn New language.
  7. Use google at least 100 times a day.
  8. Cultivate Positive self-talk.
  9. Build physically strong 
  10. Fight alone and contribute all.

This is the most helpful goals that I think first. If you have a goal or goals, tell me in the comment section.

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Infographic knowledge 


goal setting worksheet with infograph
How to Accomplish GOals ?? Infographic to Achieving Goals.

Infographic is easy to understand and replace 1500-3000 words in one picture.

Here You can download Pdf: GOAL SETTING WORKSHEET


If you have dreams and want to achieve them, you should convert them into goals first. Dreams are just wished if you don’t convert them into goals.

Tell me in the comment section about your dreams/desires.

You motivate yourself if you comment your goals in comment section or share it with someone.

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