Overcome Laziness😫 through 12 Tactics [Stop Being Lazy!!]

Overcome Laziness😫 through 12 Tactics [Stop Being Lazy!!]

Last Updated on 8 months Laziness is a day to day problem for every single homo-sapiens. Just not because it comes from our paleolithic ancestors, but lack of motivation to the dreams and goals, and overloaded work are the symptoms that make you lazy.

The common question that people ever ask is “Why I am so lazy and unmotivated?”, and the answer is, lack of desire to achieve goals. And there are various ways to match your body’s’ frequencies to your goals'[Law of Attraction] including from visualization to kaizen way, that we will learn in this blog.


12 Tactics to get rid of Laziness [Stop being lazy]

Here is a list of tactics to overcome laziness;

  1. Break negative self-talk that fired laziness.
  2. Exercising helps to get rid of laziness.
  3. Relive (visualize) your goals.
  4. Break down a big task and create an action plan.
  5. Kill distractions that make you lazy.
  6. Ask for the big help.
  7. Conduct a SWOT analysis to break the chain of laziness.
  8. Work through intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation.
  9. Drink water.
  10. Work with a success list rather than a to-do list.
  11. Act for a while.
  12. Recognize your accomplishment.

let’s dive into it;


1. Break negative self-talk that fired laziness.

First thing first, and that is self-talk. We spent most of the time with ourselves. Then, you should aware of your self-talk, and the tales that you explain to yourself. By just changing some talking style and point of view; you can create a new personality that never possesses laziness.

Negative self-talk leads to worst consequences including bad mental health, feelings of depression, self-criticism and failure. It means you should break down negative self-talk as soon as possible. Here is a small step by step process that helps you to get rid of negative self-talk.

  1. Note down what you talk about usually.
  2. Deeply feel what you talk.
  3. Ask and receive opinions to yourself as a friend. [Is it really necessary? If it is in real-world then how I feel?]
  4. Change perspective.
  5. Stop that thought that makes you bad.
  6. Replace worst thoughts with good ones like as we do to break the bad habit.

It is important to get rid of negative self-talk, not just because it makes you lazy but it destroys your future.

In digging up a tree you must begin with the root.


2. Exercising helps to get rid of laziness.

Exercising helps to get rid of laziness easily.
Exercising helps to get rid of laziness

Morning ritual helps you to get rid of laziness with just quick short exercises including meditation, healthy breakfast, aerobics, etc. Your morning ritual decides how your whole day will be going, and how it ends.

Getting enough sleep is the main thing that you should do, then second, eat a healthy breakfast and meet yourself at the mirror.

This step is not might complicating as the upper one. You should face your morning with a happy and positive outlook.

Exercise, my natural high.


3. Relive (Visualize) your goals.

Now, the most important part begins. You should relive your goals every single day before going to bed and after come up with a bed, and even at your work-place. Visualization is the most effective method to break a bad habit, to achieve big goals easily, to get rid of addictions, and etc.

You should aware of dreams and goals. Visualize it before the beginning of any task. You should read the action plan that you made in your goal setting sheet. Read it aloud as everyone can hear. Make your goal public and, then, your laziness becomes part of your enthusiasm.

There are some steps to visualize your goals and dreams more effectively.

  1. Find the right peaceful place where you can sit easily.
  2. Think and find what you want to visualize [What dream.]
  3. Close your eyes and think you are there where your heart wants to.
  4. Notice your surrounding [is it that your heart conceals?]
  5. Draw steps that help you to achieve those dreams.
  6. Done!

Visualization is much more important to achieve your dreams as eating food important to living. It is your fourth needs in Maslow’s theory. It breaks various laziness symptoms including boredom, worst thought, fear of failure, etc., and it’s aware you.


4. Break down a big task and create an action plan.

Break down your big task into small parts helps to overcome laziness
Break your big task into small parts

According to Gary Keller, “Your next step is simple. You are the first domino.”

Its times to begin your workday. Start by a simple principle known as the 80/20 principle. Find out your most important task and break it down with respect to time. Create your action plan to achieve small chunks to accomplish a big goal.

Your single first step determines your ending result. Make your first move as simple as you can, then, move to the second chunk.

Remember, every single chunk contains a short break. You should take a break when you finished your work.


5. Kill distractions that make you lazy.

There are various distractions no matter where you are. You should avoid distractions that distract you at the work-place including the brightness of lights, the temperature of the room, etc.

Distractions are the source of the laziness. There are two types of distractions out there, 1. Internal distractions 2. External distractions

If you are addicted to internal distractions including worst thoughts, worry, and personal problems, then you should avoid or eliminate it. Internal distractions are the main source of laziness.

Here are tactics to kill internal or external distractions.

  1. Find what distract you.
  2. Get-set-ready
  3. Stay offline
  4. Sleep enough
  5. Be a better thinker
  6. Take break
  7. Working with deadline
  8. Come and work early.

A big guide to avoiding distractions through 12 tactics is out there.

The most common reason to not get complete work on the dedicated time period is laziness. Your root cause is the small notifications because laziness caused by the small notifications [Distraction].

Turn off your phone and get outside, and move on. 


6. Ask for the big help.

It is not a sin to ask someone for help who master in your field. Many people think asking for help is a sign of weakness. A 2018 study found that people who don’t ask coworkers for help were more likely to dissatisfied in their job and had lower levels of job performance.

If you are conflict in the worst and tough problem then you should ask for help from your co-worker or even to your boss, otherwise, you will be setting up for failure.


7. Conduct a SWOT analysis to break the chain of laziness.

Conduct swot analysis to get rid of laziness.
Conduct SWOT analysis

Conduct swot analysis to yourself and, also, for the environment where you work. After conducting a swot analysis, you will find weakness around your environment or even in yourself if you are a lazy guy.

This all weaknesses are the root cause of laziness, then, you should eliminate it not from the body but from spirit.

Whatever strength you find, write it down on the blank paper and stick it at your workplace. You should convert your weakness into options. If you are interested to work with it you can otherwise you can destroy it.

Make your weakness your option and strength to your necessity.


8. Work through intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation.

I am sure you know what is the locus of control if you are a regular reader of our blog. There are two types of locus of control out there, 1. Internal [intrinsic] 2. External [Extrinsic].

If you are work through your superior’s wand then you probably possess extrinsic motivation. You should break this chain by changing your locus of control. Convert your external motivation to internal motivation.

Although, there is no specific process to convert your locus of control because it is a natural tendency or in a scientific word called the law of attraction. You just can change your mindset toward your work so that you can change some points of view of the law of attraction. That’s why you work through intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic ones.


9. Drink water.

The benefits of drinking water are endless. There is no question mark why we should drink water to overcome laziness. There is a study conducted by the Pascal Saker found that when we drink water to satisfy our thirst we felt pleasurable but when it overloaded or when we drink excess water we felt unpleasant.

It means you should drink water enough that quenched thirst, and the result is you feel enthusiastic. Even as we all know, there are lots of benefits to drinking water.

  1. Water helps to maximize physical performance.
  2. Drinking water may help to prevent and treat headaches.
  3. It also helps to weight loss.

There is a scientific blog by the health line that indicates, there are several seven benefits to drinking water.


10. Work with a success list rather than a to-do list.

Work with successlist to don't being lazy person.
Work with the success list.

You might confuse when you heard unknown words. There is a success list means a list that helps you to work on the most prioritized work. It is similar to the 80/20 principle but one simple thing that can change the whole base is that it is a list rather than a to-do list.

This concept develops by Gary Keller who wrote the one thing book. In this success list, you should add tasks that most important for you.

If your to-do list is marked by the various 10 tasks then you should find the 3 most important tasks that you put it down in the success list.

There is an article that helps you to convert your to-do list into your success list. According to its name, you may find it helps you to become successful, and that’s true.


11. Act for a while.

This is a very simple and small distraction tactic that helps you to eliminate laziness. Remember, if your laziness converts into productivity then you should stay with that laziness.

In this step, you distract your mind for 1 to 2 minutes from your working task. Be careful to use this tactic. You should use this tactic when you starting to feel laziness. When you starting to feel laziness, distract yourself for a while. It helps you to recharge and re-prepare your brain for your working task.


12. Recognize your accomplishment

You should aware of your achievements. By knowingly why you do and what you do, you recreate your goal and relive motivation to achieve your goals.

The most effective method to recognize accomplishment is to visualize it. Visualize your accomplishment that you already achieved and what the next accomplishment that will you achieve. The most important thing is to don’t forget to link your dreams or goals with your achievement.

Recognize your accomplishment and reward yourself. Take some break or take some lazy day. It is okay to let your mind free.

These all are the 12 tactics to overcome laziness or helps you to don’t be a lazy person. Also, it answers your question known as “how to stop being lazy?”

Once more, Remember, if your laziness helps you to be productive then that is not laziness but it is rest that helps you to recharge.

Your opinion is so important. Tell me in the comment section “Are you lazy person?”. If yes, then tell me, information that I uttered above is helpful to overcome laziness.

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