How to Find Inner Peace — 11 Tactics Help You to Find Inner Peace.

How to Find Inner Peace — 11 Tactics Help You to Find Inner Peace.

Last Updated on 6 months Inner peace is possible to gain in this chaotic and busy world. As well, you can bring outer peace by gaining inner peace. It is really true, this world is cruel but you can find peace within yourself by becoming what you really want to be.

Do you ever think, “Why travelers are born??” To be honest, I am also a traveler and my answer is, traveler really wants to find peace and see the world with their own eyes. As a human being, the ultimate purpose of our destiny — decided by the god, is to seek peace lastly.

Here are some of the best ways that you can try, purposefully, to being yourself and seeking inner peace as well as outer peace.

Before digging down, I’d like to share quote uttered by Buddha,

“ The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for you to live.”

Don’t worry, we are here — at the moment. Let’s dive right into it.

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1. Forgiveness received by God. [Don’t Live with Guilt.]

Everyone deserves forgiveness and peace including you. This world, actually, sustains the basis of forgiveness from our ancestors. Forgiveness is the first level and inner peace is the second level. You must break down the first level, in order to gain inner peace.

Follow what Buddha said, “ Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.”

Think about yourself first, you did sin; don’t worry, God is compassionate — they forgive us. Means, you don’t need to stay with the guilt of your sins.

Think about others, they hate you — they broke you; forgive them and actually they deserve this. If God forgive you, why not you forgive them.

Inner peace brings when you feel peace.

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2. Do what actually needed — The Most Important Thing.

Let’s dive into this step using mental power. Now, in the center of the beach; Everyone knows what does mean of 80/20 Principle.

People always feel stressed when they do extra hard work that actually they can’t control.

Let’s take my example, I do multiple things — 1. I handle this website from blog to marketing 2. I write poetry 3. I draw images [Digital painting]. But actually, I love just two things to do — first and second. I don’t like to make digital painting but I do. It brings stress to me. So I decided to quit it.

Continuing to example- Poetry is least important to me professionally but personally and spiritually it helps me a lot. I write emotions in poetry in my mother language — Hindi. That brings me peace.

Ending of example- So now, my first and most important thing is this website — It’s because I love to write. And poetry is my life, secondly.

So the point is, do what actually matters to you. In my example this website and poetry both matter to me — one is personal and the second is professional.

Miscellaneous works always bring stress and anxiety. Do what you love and most important to you.

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3. Slow Down.

Don’t get confused yourself, slow down isn’t mean to take a break from your work or do your work slowly. It simply means, what you really and physically do, do it slowly.

Run slowly or walk, eat slowly — Eat every fraction of food satisfactorily. I am sure you are confused.

Let’s take one example, What happens when you walk slowly? You can feel a sense of your vein. You can clearly see veins in your hand. It is the sign of peace — not actually peace. It brings to you a sense of vulnerability. It helps to get a higher level of satisfaction.

Scientific research shows that “ Eating slowly leads to better digestion, better hydration, easier weight loss or maintenance, and greater satisfaction with our meals. Meanwhile, eating quickly leads to poor digestion, increased weight gain, and lower satisfaction. “

Sorry to say that, unfortunately, I can’t do a better explanation of this topic. I admit it. You should try this practice right now.

Try to slow down your activities — feel it rather than just doing it. Just do it. It helps you.

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4. Get-set-ready your senses.

We are humans and have 5 senses — Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. By Inciting your senses, you begin to feel calm and peace within you.

This step is interrelated to the third step. Get slowdown your all sense by sensing them. Feel your all sense. What you see, feel it. What you hear, find mean it. What you smell, feel it. What you taste, love, and feel it. What you touch, feel it.

When you find yourself in your surroundings. You begin to feel peace and as well, inner peace and clam. It also brings up happiness — inner happiness that is really eternal. This is the best and my favorite way to find peace — inner peace.

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5. Disconnect over the weekend.

Shut down your workplace as well as your business phone. Get rid of all things that you actually do on a daily basis. Get outside of the comfort and working zone over the weekend or more.

Travel alone, explore the culture and feel the nature. Re-prepare and re-energize yourself to achieve other goals. By disconnecting yourself from your working zone, you begin to explore new talents and passion in yourself.

By traveling you really understand, you are so little in this world. This world is bigger than you can imagine and that’s why this quote is true — “The problem is, you think you have time.”

Disconnection creates inner-connection. It brings spiritual peace of mind as well as inner peace.

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6. Accept and let it go.

When you accept bad things, you actually win it. When something accepts by someone, something becomes weak.

If you know you can’t do these things inwardly, then accept it by saying ‘I can’t do these things.’ In this world, everyone has limitations.

No one can do everything. Let’s understand by one example, One boy whose name was Raju has 25 skills including from writing to marketing. But the problem was, he has no money to establish a business, so, the option was the only job. Raju already knows, he has 25 skills that’s why he can add these skills into his resume.

Continuing story – When times come to interview for the job, Boss asked him to do only one skill in the job. It means the other 24 skills were useless- he thinks. It’s actually true. Boss explained to him why; “ No one in this world, do more than one thing at a time. No man is perfect. It is good, you have 25 skills but the point is you just do one thing at one time.”,

Conclusion- It doesn’t matter how many skills you have, the matter is you can do only one thing perfectly at one time. If you have skills — then it’s well. But you just can do one thing at a time — accept it.

No one is perfect. If you can’t do something, accept it, and find other things.

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7. Don’t Compare Yourself.

The problem is, humans compare themselves to other humans. And, that is the core of anxiety, stress, failure, jealousy, resentment, and the list goes on.

When you compare yourself with others, you just find a weakness within you and vice versa. Comparison is actually good when you find yourself strong in it. It doesn’t mean to bring up ego. It simply meant to see progress.

Compare yourself to see where you were and now, where you are. Compare to find what you really need to do. Don’t be upset when you find the worst answer because it is the truth, you need to accept it and improve it if actually needed.

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8. Say “I Feel Happy with this”

This is similar to gratitude. When you say to yourself “I am Happy”, yourself begin to accept it and begin to stay happy.

Say it to yourself when work is done or pause for a while. Often, I write articles more than 1500 words and that’s why I part it into two parts. I write first 750 words and then take breaks and again write 750 words. Actually, I love to write and that’s why I don’t need to say my self. But when I find my self in between distraction, some outside noise; I need to tell it myself self and it actually works.

I begin to write with more focus and happily.

Affirmations really work.

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9. Sense of Humor.

And the Happiness — who don’t really want? Humor is the best part of our life. It heals our broken soul. Funny memes to Cartoon all are the sources of humor.

Mr. Bean is the best example of humor. Who doesn’t really smile, when Mr. Bean shows?

Humor has the ability to change your life. It changes whatever really needs to change.

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10. Avoid trying to change others.

When you accept someone as they are, you find peace, and as well as, a better relationship with that person.

We better understand ourselves. We know what are our weaknesses and what are strengths. And that’s why we know what we really need to change first.

Accept someone as they are. If they are better, don’t put effort to make them perfect.

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11. Breath.

Take deep breaths from the belly and focus on your breaths. Everyone knows this because this is the world of yoga.

Take a breath in and breath out. Focus on it. It is a really quick tactic that actually helps you for a short team period.

Just Breath in and out.
These all are the 11 Tactics or steps to find inner peace and happiness with ourselves. Click To Tweet

Tell me, What if you ordered to do one tactic right now, what would you like to do first?? Which one is your favorite tactic to find inner peace with yourself?? I am sure “Slow down” is.

But whatever your valuable answer is, comment it down.

Rakshit Makvana

Rakshit Makvana is an Owner and CEO of the Inspire Drug, looking for the sunrise and sunset everyday.

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