Causes to Fear of Failure. [ 10 Ultimate Cautions ]

Causes to Fear of Failure. [ 10 Ultimate Cautions  ]

Last Updated on 4 months Every time we afraid of what will happen if I do this now. Most of the time it is called fear of failure. Most of the time, when we are setting goals and start working on it, Fear of failure will happen to start. Some are causes that happen most of the time and most of the time people get rid of this easily so today we will dive into What is fear of failure and What causes that ignite Fear of failure.

so Let’s dive in,


What is the Fear of Failure ??

According to psychology, Fear of failure is the Imagination of our Horrible and worst things that will happen If we failed to achieve our goals.

Fear of failure is all about the worry and overwhelming of our goals. Fear is only one part that stops us to achieve our goal but when we are born, we have not one percent of fear of failure in our soul. All the fear of failure garbage comes from our surroundings, from our t.v., parents, friends, teachers, etc..

What is fear of failure ??

That kind of fear, bother us for a lifetime if we did not stop worrying about the fear of failure. We need to say “Enough is Enough” to ourselves because worry does not help us to achieve our goal.  Remember,

“I love those who can smile in trouble…” ― Leonardo da Vinci


So in the middle of stumps, I suggest you don’t be afraid when you are thinking about your goals and future adjustment, It is just your timetable, set on your own regard and regulations. That’s It.

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What Causes that affect fear of failures ???

The main reason of failure and fear of failure is all about the cautions that affect our self-esteem and our self-behavior. That ruins our day so we need to get rid of this right now. Here are some cautions that don’t allow us to live without fear of failure.

Let’s dive into cautions,

  1. Lack of confidence

  2. Lack of self-esteem

  3. Low quality of base of goal setting.

  4. Take advice from others who don’t know about your goal.

  5. Don’t take action at the right time.

  6. Shame to say “No” to people.

  7. Don’t make the progress table.

All are the reasons that ignite your fear of failure and emphasize on failing zone. It’s time to dive into each one of them.


1. Lack of confidence:

What is the meaning of a lack of confidence ?? , lack of confidence meaning lack desire to work hard for dreams, lack a desire to achieve something big that changes our life from zero to one. Lack of desire is nothing but simply doesn’t take action and can’t stimulate your mind to get out of the comfort zone.

“Each time we face our fear

, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

Take care of your mind by fueling a desire to achieve your goal.

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2. Lack of self-esteem:

What is the meaning of self-esteem ?? Self-esteem is the relation between Our body to our soul. It is a level that indicated relation and connection between your desire and your soul. You can easily develop a relation between both of us by using this affirmation “I Like my self !!”. This relation helps you to commit strongly to achieve big with a present of your soul. It helps you to achieve big goals with a big smiley face. 

Lack of self esteem

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” ― Mark Twain

Love your self first in any condition and circumstances, It will never live you and never upset you. It will give you big and happy consequences.

I am sure you love this blog because this helps you to look more in self-esteem.

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3. Low quality of base of goal setting:

It is the primary reason to fail, and most people are slip in this zone. They have not any strong base of goal. They have a goal, I appreciate this but they have a lack of foundation for goals that is not good and it is reasons and big cautions to failure because they don’t know what to will do next?

The big reason to fail is a lack of foundation for the goal. Don’t lose any point of foundation. If you have a weak foundation of your goal then I suggest you read this blog. 

A good education is a foundation for a better future. – Elizabeth Warren

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4. Take advice from others who don’t know about your goal:

Take advice from those who don’t know any percent about your goals. This is the common reason to fail because we take advice from those trivials and take action on their advice and we got failure and that is not okay for ourselves. It is okay to fail but we west our time to did useless things that are not okay.

Don't take advice from other to eliminate fear of failure.

Remember, Take advice from your self, first. 

If you have high and strong self-esteem then this cause does not affect you in any percent so don’t take it in your head. I suggest you focus on build strong self-esteem and take advice from others but don’t take action if it is not helpful to you. Some times people give gold mine to you.

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5. Don’t take action at the right time:

Taking the right action at the wrong time is one more reason to fear of failure. Once we take the right action at the wrong time is ignites our fear of failure today. If your goal foundation is strong and built with respect to time then you don’t need to worry about this.

“Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” ― Roy T. Bennett 

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6. Shame to say “No” to people: 

This most common and most ordinary reason to failure for those who live in the city area. Because who live in the city area they have friend circles and a huge relation to the family so most of the time people to you and tell you to go outside and you can’t say “NO” to those and that is the core reason to fear of failure. The right time is gone because you play fun with your friends outside and prioritize your friend first and your goal second so take care of your decisions.

There is some extra —  Unicorn Quotes

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7. Don’t make a progress table:

Progress table is nothing but motivates you to put your whole to achieve your goal. You can learn the progress table in the same article that I linked above. Progress table includes starting date, One week progress, one month progress and also main one day progress so you can easily find your progress and work hard on what matters most to work hard.

progress table is eliminate fear of failure.

Progress table does not mean install discipline in ourselves but it simply means to build the right thing for the right achievement at the right time.


So that is all the reason to fear of failure. You need to build this strong as possible as you can but if you use 80/20 principle here then I suggest you focus on first, second, third and seventh first.  Fear of failure is not negative but it just triggers you to your are human being so don’t tense.  If you have any other cautions that affect on fear of failure then tell me in the comment section. 

Happy Reading !!

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