Break Bad Habits :— Science Behind Breaking Bad Habits

Break Bad Habits :— Science Behind Breaking Bad Habits

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What do you, is it easy to break bad habits? What do you think, you become. If you follow what everyone says, you can build new habits in 21 days, then, why not you can’t break bad habits in 21 days?

Maybe, the reason is the elimination of bad habits is very tough. But this fact depends on the type of bad habits. You can break bad habits easily by using and applying some scientific tactics. Here are scientific ways to break bad habits easily.

Change is not easy, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. You can break bad habits easily just follow the routine.

Let’s get started,


1. What is really a habit ??

Habit is the activity we do on a daily basis, without making big efforts. Habits are the form of our daily exercise. It doesn’t take more effort after it totally builds.

In simple words, Habit is the thing that we do continuously without applying any efforts.

In psychological terms, Habit, any regularly repeated behavior that requires little or no thought and is learned rather than innate. A habit—which can be part of any activity, ranging from eating and sleeping to thinking and reacting—is developed through reinforcement and repetition.

Let’s take an example,

Imagine, You walked into your kitchen in the morning and started to make coffee. But over time, if you do it enough, making coffee becomes a habit. It becomes something you can do without even thinking. You walk into your kitchen in the morning and you see your coffee pot or your coffee machine and you automatically do the sequence of things that get you coffee.

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2. What is the anatomy of a Habit ??

Habit is nothing but one simple computer program. You can change your habits, by just changing its coding language. Habit lives in a part of your brain called basal ganglia, and it consists of three parts,

  1. The trigger
  2. The routine
  3. The reward


1.The trigger:-

The trigger is exactly what sounds like, the event that triggers the habit. This varies from habit to habit, but every habit one. You can easily find your triggers by analyzing your daily routine.

Is your morning alarm triggers you to click on snooze Button ??
Triggers vary from habit to habit and also depend on the age of habit.

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2. The Routine:- 

Routine also called programming in computer language. Routine is the meat of a habit. It’s your “What you do” Part. When an alarm rains, your hand click the snooze button that’s the routine in our preceding example.

Every time you play with your routine in a similar way on a similar trigger and even we got the same reward. That’s not fair.

The routine is the part that aggregates your habit.

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3.The Reward:- 

The reward is “What you get out of it” part. In our example, we go back to our sleeping zone after clicking the snooze button. That’s your reward. It’s beneficial for the short term but in the long term.

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3. What are the scientific ways to break bad habits ??

Here scientific way to break your bad habits.

  1. Accept what you have is your choice.
  2. Write down your all bad habits with its advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Visualize your mind on a daily basis.
  4. Ask your self Questions to “Why”.
  5. Memorize your old winning strategy.
  6. Note down your progress on the blank page.
  7. Flow your dream when you feel worst.
  8. Look at the mirror and smile.
  9. Replace the I can’t to I don’t 


1. Accept what you have is your choice:-

Here is the first thing, you have to accept what you do. Accept it by being honest with yourself.

When you accept your bad habit, your habit becomes a choice. And the choice has two options: good and bad. Accept good instead of bad.

Remember, your past doesn’t equal your future.

You can break your bad habit with easy ways because it is your choice now, habit is your past.

I have found many people who want to change their bad habits, haven’t the courage to accept his bad habits.

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2. Write down your all the bad habits with its advantages and disadvantages:-

You feel so tense when you write down bad habit’s disadvantages. Because it’s bad habits, you’ve to write more disadvantage than advantage itself.

Remember, writing can change everything.

Let’s perform this stage,

  1. Pick the blank paper and pen.
  2. Go to the place where you perform your worst habit.
  3. Think about your future self and a bad habit.
  4. Ask five questions to yourself honestly.
    – Why I so addicted to the bad habit?
    – What if I don’t break or change it?
    – What reward did I get after performing a bad habit? Is it long term or short?
    – Can bad habits help me a lot in the future?
    – How can I get rid of it?
  5. Ask these questions with their proper sequence.

Write down all answers in the blank paper and stick it to your favorite corner where no one can see it.

If people know your bad habits, they feel happy inwardly. Don’t make your bad habit public.

You can use these 5 steps to any habits.

But remember, you can’t change all bad habits at once, you just change your one bad habit at once. It really needs patience.

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3. Visualize your mind on a daily basis:-

Visualization is key to dramatic change.

Take your time to think about your bad habit. Find the bad habit’s opponent — a good habit. If you want to change your bad habit, you have to make yourself comfortable with a good habit.

Here is a step by step procedure to follow.

  1. Before going to sleep take note and pen, and write down three things.
    – Does bad habit helpful to me in the long run?
    – Write down your dreams. Think your dreams are destroying because of the bad habits. This is daunting but you have to do this.
    – How can I eliminate this?
  2. You got the solution from the third question. Right? If no, repeat it.
  3. Repeat your solution 15-20 times and visualize it. Make a big picture of your good habits and your dreams. Visualize them.

This step, you have to perform 66 days continuously. Remember, Continuously. If you break the chain you got loose all the honey you collected.

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4. Enough is Enough:-

It’s time to fight with yourself. You’ve to help yourself through the realization of how miserable you are.

You’ve to compare yourself with others at bad habit’s point of view. Let’s take one example.

If you have got a bad habit like smoking. Find those people who have a similar habit — smoking habit in this case. Compare yourself with those people and ask yourself questions: Am I similar to those guys? Are they have really any dreams as I have? Does my future is similar to those guys? Really I want to end up like those people?

Remember, your answers need to be emotional. If you ask yourself these questions, I bet your answer is really positive and you write down the plans to break the bad habit.

This step is so effective. Try this first.

My friend named Haresh Vala shared this strategy with me.

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5. Memorize your old winning strategy:-

Find your last winning. Find things that you achieved through deliberate practice day and night.

Now, find a strong reason for winning. A simple answer is a deliberate practice.

Perform deliberate practice to break your bad habit. Push yourself to run out extra miles. Use positive affirmations and positive habits to break bad habits.

This is the first part of this stage.

Think about your bad habit. Find the time when you make efforts to not perform bad habit and you win.

Think about its core. Think about the strategies you use to not perform. Apply it, when you urge to perform the bad habit. Use those old sequences to win.

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6. Note down your progress on the blank page:-

When your strong desire to break bad habits pushes you away from the comfort zone, this stage might useful to you.

Here are steps to perform,

  1. Take blank paper and write down the date when you think bad is not good — a bad habit.
  2. Write-down progress that you make after just one week. Repeat the process for one month and more.
  3. Re-read this progress table two or more times in a week.

Most people think, breaking a bad habit or making new habits take just 21 days but it is wrong.

Scientific research proves it takes an average of 66 days to build or break any habit.

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7. Flow your dream when you feel worst:-

Henry Ford asserted, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”

Alive your dreams when you urge to perform the bad habit. Think about how bad habits can destroy your dreams.

This step is about thinking. But the thinking object is your dreams that’s why it is so interesting.

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8. Look at the mirror and smile:-

It’s time to appreciate yourself. Look at the mirror and congratulate yourself when you make a humble and mighty effort to overcome the bad habit.

Show your gratitude toward yourself.

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9. Change the one simple word: I don’t to I can’t

Word is so powerful tool. What you use to describe yourself, you become. So, take care of the words.

In research published by the Journal of Consumer Research, 120 students were first split into two different groups.

To test their ability to resist a chosen temptation, one group was told to repeat the phrases “I can’t”, whilst the other to use the word “I don’t.”

For example, if presented with chocolate, one group would say “I can’t eat chocolate,” whilst the other group would say “I don’t eat chocolate.”

Each group was then prompted to answer some quick questions unrelated to the study. But, when they walked out of the room, they were presented with two complimentary treats—a chocolate candy bar and a healthy granola bar.

Surprisingly, the researchers found that the students who used the phrases“I can’t” chose to eat the chocolate candy bar 61% of the time.

Conversely, the students who used the word “I don’t” only chose to eat this 36% of the time.

Another similar study was also conducted on a different group of 30 participants split into three groups.

This time the same experiment would test the impact on the phrases on their health goals.

After 10 days of research, they found that only 1 out of 10 in the “I can’t” group were able to stick to their goals.

In contrast, 8 out of 10 in the “I don’t” group were successful in meeting their goals.

Next time you catch yourself saying “I can’t [bad habit],” re-frame this word and say “I don’t [bad habit]” instead.

Breaking a bad habit is an easy process if you think it in an easy manner. You’ve to choose well to be good. You’ve to get rid of bad to be good. Choose the right patter helps you to choose good over the bad.

What is the first way do you want to try to break bad habits?? My first way to break a bad habit is step 4 — compare yourself with others.

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