Become a Better Thinker with 5 Easy Steps

Become a Better Thinker with 5 Easy Steps

Last Updated on 6 months It has might happen to everyone when they are thinking about the worst thoughts of their mind. And the one question, that might be needed, brings upon the hand: How to become a better thinker?

And the same question and feelings bring when I aware of the worst thought.

It’s fun to mind when questions alive. Our mind loves questions a lot more than answers.

“How do you recognize and fits the pattern of good thoughts in your mind when you are not aware of it?”

Here, you’ll learn 5 ways waiting for you. Ways that can change your mind and its thinking pattern if you follow it strictly.

We can see the situation clearly and make the right decisions when we are sleeping a lot. But it is a temporary solution. We have to make it permanent.

That time, when everything clutters, these 5 steps can make your fortune. 5 steps can change your thinking.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Before digging down to the ways, first, seek out the advantages of better thinking.


What are the advantages of better thinking?

Do you see the advantages without implementing the ways to change thinking?

Here are the 6 advantages I can see…

  1. It creates more creative ideas.
  2. It can change your point of view. You can see easily the difference between what works and what won’t.
  3. You can grow rapidly and achieve your goals the fastest way.
  4. You can learn more as well as earn more.
  5. It can help you to break any bad habits.
  6. A growth mindset has achieved through changes in thinking.

I might think, there many more advantages when you applying it. You can see the changes and advantages easily.

You can comment on the advantages of better thinking that you can see.

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Why you should change thinking?

Better thinking can do many things for you: generate revenue; solve problems and create huge opportunities.

Remember, good thinking possesses the ability to change your life from zero to one. Here are three reasons why you should change your thinking.

  • Changed thinking is not automatic.
  • Changed thinking is very difficult.
  • Changed thinking is worth the investment.


1. Changed thinking is not automatic.

Good ideas always come up to those who are able to collect and take care of those ideas.

If you want to capture those ideas then you must become a better thinker. In other words, you must follow the 5 steps waiting for you below.

Those ideas and good things come up when you change your thinking, and sadly, change in thinking is not automatic. You’ve to put effort daily to change your thinking.

This is the first primary reason to change thinking.

2. Changed thinking is very difficult.

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein, one of the best thinkers who ever lived, asserted, “Thinking is hard work; that’s why so few do it.”

People who are not habitually engaged with the thinking process, always believe thinking is easy to process.

It is similar to this proverb.

“To make a man of yourself you must toil; if you don’t, you won’t”

3. Changed thinking is worth the investment.

Author Napoleon Hill observed, “More gold has been mined from the thoughts of man than has ever been taken from the earth.”

When you are taking time to learn how to change thinking and becoming a better thinker, you are investing in yourself no matter how bad you are.

No matter, Gold mines tap out. Stock markets crash. Real estate investments can go sour. But a human mind with the ability to think well is like a diamond mine that never runs out. It’s priceless.

Do you see the reasons? These reasons force me to change thinking levels and follow the strict guidelines. Guidelines that describe below.


5 Steps to become a better thinker.

  1. Better thinking wants good meat.
  2. Spend time and expose yourself to good thinkers.
  3. Pick a good and compelling thought.
  4. Good thoughts have limited time so act on it.
  5. Repeat the process.


1. Better thinking wants Good meat.

If you eat right and healthy food, you will become fit.

Same as, if you provide the right and good meat to your mind, the output can change your life. It is easy to provide good and right meat to your mind.

Remember, what you put in always impacts what comes out.

Books, magazines including New Yorker, Vague and more, podcasts, writing are the resources, which can help you to provide good meat to your mind.

These are the options, but you can try books only. If you become a voracious book reader, books can make your fortune.

These are prime sources of new ideas.

Advance Procedure:- When you are embracing new ideas, write them down on the blank paper. Make it written — it’s important.

According to Inc, playing Sudoku helps the mind to keep in problem-solving mode.

Rich ideas come when you thinking at the clear and peaceful place. You’ve to surround the places that can make the environment you desire for. Be sure it is near to your home.

Don’t be confused. This is the one way that can change your thinking. When you applying it, your mind begins to change and pumping the new ideas, so that, I had to add these points—writing ideas and places to think— with it.

“Good thinker always prime pump of ideas. “

Dig your ideas and make it written, and commit to one idea until it finished.

There are no shortcuts to elicit the golden ideas that create interminable success. Spend some time to read and listen to books.

What should do: Read and listen to books, review magazines, and write down what you feel or what comes up in your mind; and think it at a peaceful place.

Helpful Article:- Best Effective Ways to read Books In 2020 [ Hacks ]

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2. Spend time and expose yourself to good thinkers.

If you want to become a better thinker then you should spend time with those who are more creative than you.
Spend time and Expose Yourself to a better thinker.

Everyone has a brain if it is a loser or winner, a brain that has the ability to think and act on it. But the difference is, loser thinks in the comfort zone while the winner puts his whole effort.

In simple terms, all people can think and act on it easily.

You don’t have to spend time with all people that can think, but spend time with those whose mind brings golden ideas. The time that worth it, spend it wisely.

A creative mind can change a dull mind to a creative mind. Surround yourself with creative and better thinker, that help you to become a better and creative thinker.

” sharp people sharpen one another “

If you want to be a millionaire, surround yourself around millionaires or, at least, read their biography. Make yourself aware of their every movement.

What should do: Surrounded and exposes yourself to the good and creative thinkers.

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3. Pick a good and compelling thought.

You can also say this process analysis.

There are no secrets to become a better thinker, if you are intentional about thinking you can easily think better and grasp good ideas.

Regularly, put yourself at the right place where you can think easily and stretch your mind.

“Thinking is discipline. “

You should schedule your time to think. Come up at your thinking place and think deeply about one specific idea and make sure, you capture your idea in writing.

Spend at least 20-30 minutes daily, make your fortune.

There are no rules on how to think but there are some significant elements you’ve to analyze.

Here are the elements you should check.

  • What is the main purpose of this idea?
  • What should I do if I want to put it in action?
  • How much time taken to achieve this idea?

These are the primary factors you should check when you are analyzing your ideas.

Great and accurate thinkers always come up with solutions and plans of action. They have accurate ideas and plan to achieve that idea.

Actions without purpose are worthless.

“The axe strikes the chisel, and the chisel enters the wood”

Here, Axe is your actions, and chisel is your purpose and the wood are your goals.

What should do: Think deeply about one specific thought and find the three-parameter: Why What and how.

Helpful Article:- Productive Scheduling:- An effective guide to Daily Planning.

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4. Good thoughts have limited time so act on it.

Good thought have limited time so act on it.
Act on the idea.

Who have short term lifeline are very persuasive. You must act on ideas before the expiration date.

It’s time to action no matter how intricate ideas are. To this stage, you should have one specific idea, the purpose behind the idea, plan of action about the idea, and time it takes to be real.

Good ideas take time to become reality. World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker said it all when he remarked, “I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through—then follow through.”

This step is a boring step but every problem comes up with their solutions, so here the solution is very simple. Make your everyday first day of action. Visualize your goal and relive it every single day before going to sleep and after come up with the bed.

Action is necessary to earn gold.

What should do: Take bold action toward your idea and make your everyday first day of action.

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5. Repeat the process.

Remember, one idea does not make a good life. The people who have one good thought and try to ride it for an entire career often end up unhappy and destitute.

Success comes to those who have an entire mountain of gold that they continually mine, not those who have one nugget and try to live on it for fifty years.

Repetitions of actions are very much important because it creates a mountain of ideas. If you want to become someone who can mine a lot of gold, you just need to keep repeating the process of good thinking no matter what circumstances are.

These are the steps to follow in order to become a better thinker. To earn better thinking that can change your life.

You have got the reasons to change thinking, its advantages, and important thing steps to change thinking. It is your turn.

When do you start to change your thinking? When do you apply these steps?

Your answers motivate others. Don’t forget to help others.

Rakshit Makvana

Rakshit Makvana is an Owner and CEO of the Inspire Drug, looking for the sunrise and sunset everyday.

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